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Death of Tigers, Cubs Missing, Poor Management – Mukundra Is In The News For All The Wrong Reasons

Mukundra has been in the news for more than a month, sadly for all the wrong reasons.

On 28th August, the 8 teams of forest officials couldn’t trace any movement of MT-1 & MT-4 after an extensive search. Followed by it, DCF of Mukundra gave this statement –

News Source: Dainik Bhaskar

Detailed Timeline of Events

The series of events began on 23rd July when the Tiger MT-3 was found dead in Mukundra.  The post-mortem report revealed that MT-3 died due to multiple organ failure.

Soon after, just 11 days later, Mukundra mourned the death of another tiger, this time it was tigress MT-2. Forest officials found her corpse on 3rd August, 48 hours after her demise.

It was surprising that forest officials had no answers regarding the deaths of both MT-3 & MT-2. Later, a post-mortem revealed that Poisoning was the reason behind the death of MT-2.

Troubles for Mukundra didn’t end there!

On 4th August, a photo of another Tigress MT-4 with a cub surfaced on social media. The trap camera photographer of May 22, 7:22 am which TOI claims that it is in its possession shows that Tigress was carrying the cub in her mouth.

Prior to this, forest officials had blatantly denied the news of the birth of any cubs to MT-4. This again questioned the inefficient communication among the officials in Mukundra.

Tigress MT-2 had two cubs – one male & one female. Male cub was found and was taken to Kota Zoo for treatment whereas the female cub was never found. Male cub breathed his last on 18th Aug while receiving medical attention in the Zoo.

Rajasthan Government Removed CCF Anand Mohan and DCF T. Mohanraj Of The IFS While The ACF  Rajesh Kumar Sharma and Ranger Makkhan Lal Sharma Were Suspended For Negligence.

On August 24, Lok Sabha Speaker and MP From Kota Constituency,Om Birla Called A Meeting Consisting Of Members of NTCA and State Wildlife Department. Following The Meeting, the Additional Director General Of NTCA, SK Yadav Told the Press That A Team Would Be Constituted And Sent To Mukundra To Probe In The Matter.

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