4.5 years old tiger MT-3 dies in Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve

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On the morning of 23rd July 2020, Mukundra mourned the sudden demise of MT-3 Tiger.

Surprisingly, the tiger had preyed successfully just 4 days prior to his death.

MT-3 Tiger

In spite of having an advanced anti-poaching e-surveillance system in place, the real cause of sudden death of MT-3 couldn’t be known. However, the postmortem report shows that the cause of death is cardiac arrest & infection in the lungs.

The questions are being asked about the effectiveness of monitoring & surveillance systems at the tiger reserve. If the surveillance in that particular area was effective, why couldn’t it capture the real cause of death or the condition of the tiger before his death. And if the surveillance did capture the condition of the tiger, was it the fault of officials who didn’t take the action timely.

NTCA ( National Tiger Conservation Authority ) has asked for the report in this matter and it is to be submitted by officials of Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve by Tuesday.

After the death of MT-3, Wildlife Institute of India & other organisations working on wildlife conservation want to do a health audit of the existing tigers in Mukundra Hills.

About the life of MT-3

MT-3 was born to tigress T-60 in Guda area of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. His initial name was T-98. He departed from Ranthambore, crossed the Kali Sindhi River & reached Mukundra Hills on his own. He traveled 120 kms in this course to reach here on 9th Feb, 2019. He was then renamed as MT-3. Here, he met this soulmate MT-4 and for the next one year, both of them were spotted at various locations in Mukundra Hills.

On 20th July 2020, MT-3 preyed successfully. However, his health consistently declined the following days, leading him to limp for next 4 days. Sources say that he was also having trouble in breathing. The medical team from Sawai Madhopur was called but destiny was not in favour. MT-3 died at 6:15 AM on 23rd July even before he could be treated.

Feature Image Credits: Parav Sharma

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