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A colourful guide to the Braj Ki Holi in Rajasthan

Planning to celebrate Holi in the most ecstatic way? Let us show you how to do it!  

Braj ki Holi is celebrated in the Braj Bhumi and hence is given the name. A popular festival of Rajasthan, Braj Holi celebrations often begin with Basant Panchami (February 5) and extend till 2-3 days after the last day of Holi! 

Since Braj is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna spent a great deal of time, Holi also stands for the love of Lord Krishna and Radha, and such a belief is associated with the festival. 

Not only that, the joy of playing Holi in Braj is unparalleled while witnessing a variety of traditional performances, like Rasleela, which narrates the classic story of Radha & Krishna.

The 3-day Braj Holi festival, which is well-known in Rajasthan, will be celebrated in Bharatpur with great enthusiasm and harmony from 1st – 3rd March 2023. So if you’re looking for an excuse to celebrate and throw some colourful powder around, you know where to join us!

How to reach Bharatpur?

  • Bharatpur is connected by bus to almost all cities. It would be best if you made your reservation well in advance to avoid last minute unavailability.

Travel tips during Holi

  1. A dedicated vehicle/taxi is necessary as the festivities are spread around the town. Though the distances are not long, public transport is very poor.
  2. Arrive at the event site early so that you get a vantage point to watch the festivities.
  3. Join the villagers and locals in the festivities. They will always welcome you.
  4. Everyone drinks Bhang on Holi. Bhang – made of cannabis leaves – is intoxicating. In large quantities, it can be harmful. Try out Bhang Thandai – flavoured milk laced with Bhang.
  5. Like the old saying “Be a Roman in Rome”, engage with local fervour and just be part of it.
  6. Your valuables should be kept in a plastic cover inside your bag to prevent them from getting wet.

And don’t forget to wear your favourite colour, because the only thing better than travelling is doing it in style!

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