Covid-19 Featured

Revisiting lockdown through a fictional story – Dhiraj Tak publishes his debut novel.

Our worlds turned upside down when the Covid19 was declared as pandemic & like many countries, India also announced nationwide lockdown. All of us walked into the unknown together, not knowing where we’ll eventually end up. Past  few months, we have seen dramatic things happening in our lives. From sympathizing to migrants’s situation to getting […]

Covid-19 Initiatives

How this team of teenagers is solving city’s problems

“The smallest acts of Kindness is worth more than the greatest intention” – Kahlil Gibran Every Sunday, this team of teenagers go out & help a specific group of people or solve a specific problem of the city. Most of them are still in 11th or 12th standard. While most students of their age were […]


Midway Seeker concludes 7 Day Yoga Workshop on International Yoga Day

The 7 Day Yoga Workshop at Midway Seeker Ashram in Kota turned out to be a spiritually enriching experience for the attendees. The workshop was aimed at teaching Yoga Asanas & Pranayama techniques to the participants which can ultimately enhance their immunity. Immunity revival was the core goal of this program as we know that […]