About Kota City Blog

Kota City Blog is a Digital Media Startup based in Kota, Rajasthan. Overtime, it has become the most trusted platform for people of Kota to – get news & updates of the city, promote their creative work, and read stories.

Kota City Blog also has a dedicated unit called KCB Business where we consult hundreds of local businesses in Kota for online promotions & digital marketing.

The Journey

Kota City Blog started in 2016 with an intent to connect the creative people of the city through events & online projects. Little did we think of becoming a media company at that time. But we continued doing awesome things and listened to a lot of people what they would want us to be, and we kept pivoting. We now provide news & updates, promote local businesses, curate experiences & give voice to causes which needs to be heard & supported.

We also conduct internship programs, workshops & seminars for students who want to learn & gain exposure in fields like Digital Media, Blogging, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc.

For more info, you can connect with us on Whatsapp at +91,8114498856

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Please start to add new restaurants and Cafe’s which started recently . May be monthwise .
These restaurants started this month
We need new places to visit . Getting bored from old ones

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