Places Video

Kota Nature’s Kingdom – Video that’ll leave you in awe!

You’re going to love this video of Kota Rajasthan. If you’re a fan of awesome drone videos, you’re about to have a great time….. The video, titled as Kota- Nature’s Kingdom, captures almost all the amazing locations in and around Kota City with breathtaking aerial shots. Kota has a rich culture & heritage and there […]

Initiatives News Student Life Video

Kota Collector’s heartfelt message to coaching students during the COVID-19 lockdown

Amidst the  21 day nationwide lockdown due to Coronavirus, District collector Om Kasera came forward to address the students taking NEET and IIT coaching in Kota and their parents. The collector praised students for their discipline during this tough time by saying, “Dear students, you all are close to my heart and I appreciate your […]

Student Life Video

A Beautiful Film based on the life at St. Paul’s School Kota by two Ex-Paulites

Varun & Rachit, two ex-paulites decided to document the life at St. Paul’s School Kota & created an emotionally uplifting film. Watch it here…. We talked to Varun and got to know many interesting things about this film, and how they manage to pull it off. Here is the conversation – What motivated you to […]


Happy Kota- Pharrell Williams’s Happy [ We are from Kota ]

If you’re from Kota City and you’ve not seen happy kota video, then you’ve got to be more updated. This video got viral on social media and people of the city loved it insanely. Hope you’ll also enjoy the Pharrell Williams’s Happy version of Kota. Pharrell Williams’ Happy videos were made of different cities all […]