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Bringing the sights of the Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve to life in the Netherlands

Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve, previously known as Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary in the past, is located in the southern eastern part of Kota town in Rajasthan.  This year, on 23rd and 24th February 2023, a photography exhibition took place in the Netherlands in order to promote the wildlife that exists in Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve (MHTR) […]

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Chambal Safari – Mesmerizing Boat Safari experience in Kota [ 2022 Updated ]

Chambal Water Safe is an enchanting Water Safari experience where fun never stops!  Forest Water Safaris are not a new concept in India. Various National Parks & Reserves across the country have this beautiful experience, but for Rajasthan, Chambal Water Safari is one of a kind. Chambal is the only perennial river of Rajasthan, and […]

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Death of Tigers, Cubs Missing, Poor Management – Mukundra Is In The News For All The Wrong Reasons

Mukundra has been in the news for more than a month, sadly for all the wrong reasons. On 28th August, the 8 teams of forest officials couldn’t trace any movement of MT-1 & MT-4 after an extensive search. Followed by it, DCF of Mukundra gave this statement – Detailed Timeline of Events The series of […]


3 Day Chambal Biodiversity Festival will begin from 8th Feb

Chambal Biodiversity Festivals is going to be organized from 8th Feb to 10th Feb at Kishore Sagar. There will be a display of varieties of flowers, bonsai plants, herbal plants, etc that are found in nearby regions. During the exhibition, information regarding flora & fauna found in Chambal will also be given. Divisional Commissioner, L.N. […]