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Chambal Safari – Mesmerizing Boat Safari experience in Kota [ 2022 Updated ]

Chambal Water Safe is an enchanting Water Safari experience where fun never stops!  Forest Water Safaris are not a new concept in India. Various National Parks & Reserves across the country have this beautiful experience, but for Rajasthan, Chambal Water Safari is one of a kind. Chambal is the only perennial river of Rajasthan, and […]

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Death of Tigers, Cubs Missing, Poor Management – Mukundra Is In The News For All The Wrong Reasons

Mukundra has been in the news for more than a month, sadly for all the wrong reasons. On 28th August, the 8 teams of forest officials couldn’t trace any movement of MT-1 & MT-4 after an extensive search. Followed by it, DCF of Mukundra gave this statement – Detailed Timeline of Events The series of […]


3 Day Chambal Biodiversity Festival will begin from 8th Feb

Chambal Biodiversity Festivals is going to be organized from 8th Feb to 10th Feb at Kishore Sagar. There will be a display of varieties of flowers, bonsai plants, herbal plants, etc that are found in nearby regions. During the exhibition, information regarding flora & fauna found in Chambal will also be given. Divisional Commissioner, L.N. […]