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Allen Career Institute launches Commerce division for CA & CS aspirants.

The 34th Foundation Day of Allen Career Institute marked the launch of Allen Commerce on 18th April 2022.

Allen Commerce division will help students prepare for 11th, 12th, and professional examinations like CA & CS.

During the launch celebrations, Allen Directors Dr. Govind Maheshwari, Sh Rajesh Maheshwari, Sh Naveen Maheshwari, and Sh Brajesh Maheshwari were present.

Why Allen entered Commerce

After becoming the most promising & trusted name for classroom coaching for the Medical & Engineering, it is no surprise that Allen plans to broaden its horizons by introducing new streams.

There is a huge scope in the commerce sector when we talk about areas like taxation, audit, finance, etc.

The Commerce division seems like the right strategy considering the large number of students in India who prepare for CA, CS, CFA & ACCA.

The Upside

Succeeding in the commerce division should be easy for Allen considering the many advantages it has –

  • Strong Brand Presence and reputation as a leader in-classroom coaching.
  • Nation-wide classroom centers.
  • Infrastructure & strong team.

What could go wrong for Allen

Commerce is a very different field from Medical & Engineering. The new division might not be able to produce good results in the first few years which could demean the brand’s reputation.

Allen’s 2030 Vision

Allen Directors while talking to press during Launch of Allen Commerce

Since its start in 1998, Allen has provided coaching to 22 Lac+ students.

With Vision 2030, Allen plans to educate 2.5 crore students through offline and online coaching programs globally.

After introducing the commerce division, we are hopeful to see Allen entering into coaching for other streams like UPSC.

Kota & dream of a career city.

In a recent speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Kota as the new Kashi of education.

In the past few years, Allen has been one of the major forces behind Kota’s growth.

Now Allen entering into commerce and other fields would mean more growth for Kota.

And the road to becoming a career city for Kota is now one step closer.

What it means for students

Allen Commerce division will kick-start the first batch for Class 11th from the first week of July.

It’s great news for students who are going to pursue their careers in commerce. They will now be able to start their careers with one of the best institutions in India.

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10+Things to Keep in Mind While Looking for Hostels in Kota

There are hundreds of good hostels in Kota, but finding the right one for you can be tiresome.

With the reflux of students to the city in the covid-19 world, looking for hostels in Kota is challenging than ever.

We have created this guide for every student ( & their parents ) who are either planning to come to Kota or those who are struggling to find better hostels for themselves.

Kota, being the epicentre of coaching institutes witnesses more than few lakh students every year migrating to the city.

Most of these students are leaving their comfortable homes & coming to a very new & different place. Thus finding a comfortable PG or hostel in Kota is very crucial for students to help them prepare for competitive exams during the course of the next 2/3 years.

Therefore, by keeping a check-list of parameters to be considered while shortlisting hostels for themselves, students and parents can save themselves from the last-minute hustle.

Here are 10 points that could be kept in mind while looking for hostels in Kota.

1. Proper Covid-19 Precautions

Now that we have dived in pandemic stricken world, it is important that proper precautions are being undertaken by the hostel owners to avoid the spread of the disease.

Few states have ruled out Covid-19 guidelines for hostels and PGs to abide by. While looking for hostels in Kota, you can keep the following points in mind and ensure safety:-

  • One room for one person. If the room is large enough, then not more than two people should be given a single room.
  • There should be one whole floor vacant. In case someone gets tested positive, they should be isolated here.
  • Hostels should have mess in their premise.
  • Regular thermal screening and sanitation.

2. Distance from Coaching Institute

The students are required to commute between their coaching and hostels multiple times a day.Therefore it is suggested that they look for a hostel which is close to their institute building. This could be helpful for them in a number of ways.

  • Saves time
  • cut down their transportation cost
  • Hostels nearby might be costly; hostels within walking distance could get your budget stay. 
  • Less tiring 
  • Being punctual for classes by avoiding traffic at longer routes

3. Safety and Security

While most hostels in Kota take safety & security of students very seriously, but we do hear about incidents of thefts & other petty crimes.

Hence It is important that students live in a safe and carefree environment. For this, several hostel owners have taken certain precautionary measures for the benefit of the students.

Parents must ensure that their kid’s hostel has preliminary security measures installed. 

  • CCTV cameras for 24*7 security.  
  • biometric system (uses fingerprints of enrolled students)
  • system of swiping cards
  • Recording the entry and exit of outsiders
  • Installation of fire safety equipment (fire exit, fire alarms, fire extinguishers)

4. Number of Meals

We are aware of the fact that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. 

Students must be provided with nutritious and timely meals to maintain their energy levels and cope with their hectic schedule.

  • Students need energy throughout the day and therefore they can check if their hostel provides the 4-time meals: breakfast, lunch, hi-tea (Snacks), and dinner.
  • One can also ask for packed meals to be carried in case they miss out on them.

5. Quality of Food

Much as the number of meals, the quality of a meal is important too. If the taste and quality of the food are up to the mark, then only the whole purpose of having timely meals will be fulfilled. Here are few things parents can do while finding out the perfect mess for their kids.

  • Nutrition content should be up to the mark.
  • Taste should be good enough.
  • Try to taste the food of their hostel before admission.
  • Try talking to any existing student in the absence of the mess/hostel owner about the quality and quantity of food 
  • Depending on their taste preferences, they can choose the best available option.

6. Type of Room

A student’s room is their only personal space here in Kota and hence should match basic living standards.

Every hostel has a variety and type of room to choose from – single, double/triple sharing and dorm-style. Students can choose as per their budget and comfort zones.

7. Basic Standards Maintained by the Hostels

Some basic standards are to be maintained by every hostel and they focus on providing the students with: 

  • Disciplined environment
  • Undisturbed environment
  • Studying atmosphere
  • Positive ambience

8. Other Amenities

A good hostel could be categorized as something which gives students a whole package of other amenities and ensures them a comfortable stay. 

There are several other things which you students check in a hostel before they finalise it. 

  • Rooms with attached bathrooms for personal comfort
  • Hot water supply in bathrooms
  • Coolers or air conditioners in the room since the climatic conditions of Kota are extreme and therefore additional equipment are necessary 
  • Hygienic and cleanliness for healthy surroundings
  • Water coolers for drinking water
  • Power backup for uncalled conditions
  • Dry cleaning (in the house) to help children from saving time with daily chores.

9. Infrastructure

 The newer the building, the better the infrastructure. The old hostels might not be up to date and therefore there are new ones building every year with better infrastructure. 

  • New buildings have better maintenance and provide a good ambience for students.
  • Good quality furniture (bed, table, and chairs) are installed in rooms. 
  • For student’s comfort, a lift is installed 
  • For student’s entertainment, a television in the mess area. 
  • Availability of parents room in case they decide to stay for a couple of days.

10. Ventilation in the Rooms

A source of fresh air and sunlight in the room helps to create a positive aura around. Therefore, it must be ensured the students or their parents that there is a proper ventilation system in their room, allowing an adequate amount of light and air to flow through.

11. Emergency Needs

When staying away from home, one would need to know if the hostel they are staying in is willing to take care of them in case of any mishappening, or emergency medical condition or any other type of emergency conditions in which immediate action needs to be taken.

So it is a suggestion for guardians to check with the hostel staff and

  • Know the availability of first aid kits,
  • Nearby hospitals and doctors if the situation calls.

 Students and guardians can keep these certain important parameters in mind while looking for hostels in Kota. These hostel parameters will help them to select the best hostel for themselves and enjoy their trouble-free and comfortable stay. 

If you think that there are more things which could be taken into consideration then do mention them below. And if you know someone who is looking for a hostel in Kota, then share this post with them.

Initiatives News Student Life Video

Kota Collector’s heartfelt message to coaching students during the COVID-19 lockdown

Amidst the  21 day nationwide lockdown due to Coronavirus, District collector Om Kasera came forward to address the students taking NEET and IIT coaching in Kota and their parents.

Video by Allen Career Institute

The collector praised students for their discipline during this tough time by saying, “Dear students, you all are close to my heart and I appreciate your discipline during this tough time.” 

He ensured their safety by adding –

“I want to ensure that all the students are completely safe here. Keep studying the way you were studying earlier. As soon as the lock-down is over, the examinations will begin so utilize this time productively. Study well, play some indoor sports, listen to music. We are here to support you in every possible way and will do our best to solve your problems”.

Kota Collector also appealed to the parents to provide emotional support to the students and stay in touch with them.

“.. the students staying in Kota are at a tender age, I request the parents to provide their child with emotional support and not panic. Your child is completely safe here and we ensure food and help to them in all possible ways. 

Hostels where food supplies have been shut down, we have made provisions to provide food to the students. I assure you all, no student here will sleep with an empty stomach.”

The coaching institutes have also been directed to issue helpline numbers for students and make faculties and counselors available over call or WhatsApp for the students.

District administration helpline numbers 









Allen student welfare society (ASWS) Helpline number 

Sankalp- Indra Vihar, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Mahaveer Nagar Area

9116630910 / 07442751141

Satyarth -Jawahar Nagar, Basant Vihar, Dadabari, Talwandi

9460570600 / 07442752434

Samyak -Kunhadi area

7014724730 / 07442752821

Supath- Baran Road


Reliable Institute, Bansal Tower


Curiosity Initiatives Student Life

Happiness City Initiative in Kota

Happiness City Initiative was launched on 12th July 2018 by the popular Bollywood actor Govinda.
What is Happiness City Project
Happiness City Project is primarily designed to make a happier environment in Kota City for students through multiple events, programs and initiatives.
Why Happiness Initiative 
Every year, around 1.5 lac students from different parts of the country come to Kota to prepare for various competitive exams. The happiness city project is aimed at making the environment of the city – happy, pleasant & joyful. Various programs like Motivational Talks, Music Concerts, Art Workshops, etc will be carried out under this initiative.
Gaurav Goyal, CEO of Kota Smart City Project also said that Happiness City Campaign will make citizens happier by exploring different avenues to unravel their potential.
Who is behind this initiative 
About 20 IITans & entrepreneurs have joined hands to make Happiness City campaign a reality. Aman Maheshwari, Convenor of Happiness City will be looking after the whole project.
Also, watch Kota is Happy Video 
How students can be a part of it  
After the launch of Happiness City Initiative, various programs will be launched in which students would be able to take part. Programs related to recreation, counseling, alternative career options are expected to be conducted under the initiative.
Must see -> Funniest Experiences of Kota Shared on Quora 

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Funniest Kota experiences shared on Quora

Kota city – a city of dreams.
Countless students have realized their dream of getting admission into top Engineering or Medical College so far.
Don’t be sad if it hasn’t been a case with you, because the knowledge you’ve gained and memories you’ve made will stay with you forever.
Quora is one such platform where a lot of students open up about their experiences in Kota.
Here are two such answers from students studied in Kota that will certainly make you smile a little wider.

How coming to Kota, broke Anmol’s stereotypes

What is your best moment in Kota life?
Whole Kota Life was Best.
The things I learnt in kota were not only limited to academics but also they cleared many misconceptions and brutal judgements for the people from other Indian States.
Lesson Learnt Were:-
Not everyone from West Bengal do support Mamta Banarjee.
Not everyone from Haryana is loud and love Sapna Chaudhary.
Not everyone from Bihar prepare for civil services, Use Word – Babbua instead they Love Litti Choka.
Not everyone from Uttar Pradesh eats paan, have there chacha as Vidhayak.
Not everyone from Uttarakhand, have clean faces. They do have beards.
Not everyone from Himachal Pradesh, carries cigarettes. Also they do feel the same cold as we do.
Not everyone from Rajasthan, lives in deserts, have Camels as their pets and are Super-Rich.
Not everyone from Delhi, loves Momos.
And Many Others as I had friends only from these States. I have put my best to mention the stereotypes that got broken towards India and people of my country.
Kota just turned a Boy to a Man.
Viva La Kota.
Anmol Rajput.
Edit: I was in Kota from 2016–2017 and prepared for JEE Mains at Resonance. No,I never met Kalpit Veerwal there. And we had very little difference between our marks. The difference in our marks was very little- The difference was only of 254 Marks. See,that tiny it was.
Yes,my marks were 106.
evil laugh.

– Anmol Rajput

What made this answer even funnier is Kalpit Veerwal’s reply to his answer

Sankarshan’s ultimate motivation

What is your Kota story, e.g., be it a motivational, witty, funny, romantic, thrilling, coaching, landlord and hostel incident one, or the like?
Well to start with….I was a student of Bansal classes, Kota for two years… and now I’m an IITian! After all….Bansalite today, IITian tomrrow!
Almost every student of Kota has the same story…..wake up, study…eat, study….attend classes, study with such a hype that you find yourself even dreaming about studies!
And yes, I was no exception But with a twist! A big one 😉
I discovered her maybe in the first class itself but her beauty was discovered much later and slowly I found my mind totally drowned in her thoughts. I didn’t have guts to talk to her and my repeated friend requests were never confirmed (not ignored even…+ve attitude ).
Sitting behind her in the classes and watching her beautiful hair was the only option left for me. But God had other plans…! She performed well in test and was promoted :(.
A motivated me aspiring for upper batch started preparing well but without luck…and whole my 11th passed that way.
All’s well that ends well…but neither was it well nor the END!
I was promoted to the 2nd batch in 12th and what do I find…She was also there!
Life again became worth living….Once again I was sitting behind her but this time with a strong determination to talk to her…..So I just waited for the right moment. Being an IIT aspirant my competitive spirit defined this right moment as the time I score better than her in our monthly test!
While chasing her, my rank began to improve but my real purpose was still not satisfied 🙁 Time passed and tests occoured …but never was mine rank better than hers.
So at our last test I decided to just stop this monkey business and speak my heart. I wrote some good lines….somehow managed to translate it into Marathi (she was from Aurangabad) and on the test day (which was also the last day of our classes) I reached early and sat on the second last bench…(she always sat on last bench).
Fully ready I came out of the test room as there was some time for the test to start.
Came back…..saw a bag on the last bench….Delighted, came to my seat, folded hands..closed eyes…thinking of the moments….How to start it.. 🙂
A voice comes from behind…..
Oye Sharpner hai kya?

I found the voice a lil different and turning back what do I see
A male classmate!!! 🙁 🙁
That was the end!
A sad one

– Sankarshan Verma

If you ever come across any funny experiences about Kota on Quora or have some of your own, share them with us in the comment section below.
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Food Student Life

Someone finally listened to your complaints of not getting healthy & tasty food. M.O.M comes to Kota!

Every year, around 1.5 lac students come to Kota, now often referred to as ‘Education Hub of India’. Students here live away from their families to prepare for competitive exams like IIT-JEE & AIPMT.

We asked students about various challenges they face in Kota. Amongst all the challenges, there was one single challenge that most students talked about – NOT GETTING HEALTHY & TASTY FOOD.
This video shows their reactions when they tasted MOM’s food.

MOM ( Meal of the Moment ) is a blessing for all the students living away from their home and are disappointed with the food they get. MOM’s food is easy to make, just add boiling water & leave it for 8 mins. Yes, it’s that simple!

Have you tasted M.O.M’s food yet? You can find it in stores in Talwandi, Rajeev Gandhi, Mahaveer Nagar & other student areas. Try it today & tell us if you really find it as good as ‘Maa Ke Hath Ka Khaana’.

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Life of a coaching student in Kota – Weekdays Vs Weekends

These minimalistic posters depict the life of a coaching student in Kota. The daily struggle with DPP ( Daily Practice Problems ) to spending hours playing Counter-Strike, every student who come to Kota can relate to these posters.
These minimalistic posters are created by Aquagreens WaterPark

Share this with a friend who has been to Kota for coaching 😀

Aquagreens Waterpark is located near Hariyali Resort on Bundi Road. It is a fun place to be, and just 15 mins away from the main city. 

Food Student Life

माँ के हाथ का खाना- घर जाने का बेस्ट बहाना।

जब भी माँ का घर से फ़ोन आता है, तो सबसे पहले वो क्या पूछती हैं ?

की बेटा खाना खाया या नहीं ? अच्छे से खाया ? क्या मिला आज मेस में ? बाजार का खाना ज़्यादा तो नहीं खाते ना ?

अरे होली की छुट्टियां आने वाली है , घर का खाना मिलेगा ।अरे दिवाली की छुट्टियां आने वाली ,घर का खाना मिलेगा ।

इन शब्दों की एहमियत माँ के खाने से दूर जाकर ही पता चलती है ।

कोटा में हज़ारों लाखों बच्चे हर साल अपनी जीवन के बहुत ही एहम पड़ाव को पार करने के लिए छोटी से उम्र में दूर-दूर से आते हैं । अपने घर में रहकर तैयारी करना और किराये पर रूम लेकर या हॉस्टल में रहने में बहुत अंतर आ जाता है। घर पे तो आपकी माँ सुबह आपको उठाने से लेकर ,नाश्ता बनाने तक एवं पापा के काम जाने से पहले आपको पढ़ने के लिए समझआने , पढ़ते टाइम चाय कॉफ़ी से लेकर जूस अवम लंच तक आपके हर काम की ज़िमेदारी माँ की हो जाती है । परंतु जब आप अपने आप हॉस्टल में रहते हैं तो साफ़ सफआई से लेकर ,कपडे धोना और रोज़ मर्रा के ज़रूरी सामान लेकर आने तक हर काम की ज़िम्मेदारी खुदकी हो जाती है । इतने काम और स्ट्रेस के बीच एक ही चीज़ की चाह होती है……..की काश मेस में आज मेरी पसंद का खाना बना हो ।
ये बात तो हम सब को माननी पड़ेगी कि घऱ वहीँ है जहाँ माँ है!
इन छुट्टियों में सिर्फ घर जाने की जल्दी नहीं होती ,बल्कि दिल तो सिर्फ एक चीज़ तलाशता है, वो सुकून जो सिर्फ घर पर ही प्राप्त होता है ।
माँ सिर्फ कच्ची सामग्री से खाने योगय भोजन को तैयार नहीं करती है , बल्कि उनके लिए खाना पकाने से , तनाव को राहत मिलती है ।यह प्यार के रूप में, व्यक्त करी जाता है ।
कोई सा भी समय हो, हर शण वे किसी भी रूप में कई तरह के साथ कुछ सामग्री से ही सब के मन को लुभाने वाला भोजन तैयार कर सकती हैं ।
5 कारण क्यों घर के खाने से अच्छा कुछ नहीं हो सकता  – 
1. उसमें मां के हाथ का जादू होता है ।
2. यह हमेशा बेहतर स्वाद करता है, आपके स्वाद के अनुरूप होता है।
3. आप अधिक समय अपने परिवार के साथ बिताते हैं
4.  मां मेनु में परिवर्तन आपके मूड के हिसाब से कर देती है।
5. और अगर आप घर से दूर रहते हैं,  आप जानते हैं कि घर के  खाने की क्या अहमियत है आप के लिए – पुरानी यादें।
सबसे महत्वपूर्ण रहस्य जो ये सब मुमकिन करा पता है-
माँ का प्यार ।
हमें याद आते हैं वो मनमोहक दिलचस्प व्यंजन।
हमें बताइये अपनी यादगार बातें अपनी माँ के साथ। 
Student Life

Here’s an amazing book that prepares students for Hostel Life by Dr Surbhi Goyal.

After counselling hundreds of students in a premier coaching institute of Kota, Dr Surbhi Goyal has written a book ‘Hostel Life: A to Z of Life @Hostel’.

Dr. Surbhi Goyal

Written in the Indian context, this book becomes a perfect guide for students who are planning to enrol in coaching institutes away from their hometown.

In this scenario, students are faced with so many challenges – be it making the right friends, staying motivated, managing studies with the routine life in a strange city.

In the chapters of the book Hostel Life by Dr Surbhi Goyal, students find many real life examples in form of stories that’ll keep them engaged while they learn some of the most important lessons of Hostel Life.

This book is currently available only on Amazon. Here’s a link to get it – click here

Also see  – How to find the right hostel in Kota City 

Student Life Video

A Beautiful Film based on the life at St. Paul’s School Kota by two Ex-Paulites

Varun & Rachit, two ex-paulites decided to document the life at St. Paul’s School Kota & created an emotionally uplifting film.

Watch it here….

We talked to Varun and got to know many interesting things about this film, and how they manage to pull it off. Here is the conversation –

What motivated you to work on this project?

I heard from Rachit that St. Pauls is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. I also knew that Rachit had an interest in directing films.

I saw this as an opportunity and thought why not tap it and create something as it was the best platform for us to prove ourselves. We gave our proposal to the school committee and they happily agreed.

From there onwards, there was no Ctrl + Z for us, we only had an option to give our best and make something that gets embedded into the hearts of Paulites.

Varun (Left) & Rachit ( Right )

How was the experience of going back to the school?

We got permission to go ahead with our plan from the event committee however getting he permission from the School principal was a task. I remember we got kicked out a couple of times and were told to come after the school gets over. From there, the true Pauliteness ignited within us.

We somehow managed to sneak into the school and started our shooting as and when we found good subjects without the Principal’s knowledge. That was truly a nostalgic moment for us as to how during our school days we used to bunk lectures and roamed here and there.

During the shoot, we did everything we used to do during our school days right from attending morning assembly to sharing tiffins with the young ones. For a second we thought that we are back in the past. Seeing our classrooms and meeting our teachers were some moments that can not be defined in words.

How was the reaction of teachers, friends, and parents after seeing this film?

Until they saw our film, they thought of it as just another ordinary film. We wanted each and every Paulite, be it of the first batch or the last, to relive his 14 years in these 10 minutes.

No matter what, but by the end of the 10th minute, the eyes of all the students and teachers should be wet and filled with mixed emotions. I and Rachit took the two corners of the stage to watch their reaction when the film was being played. It was a dream come true moment for us when we saw more than 1500 people stood up with never-ending hoots and applause. 

 These were the words of one of my friends –

There was hooliganism going on in the auditorium before the movie started, proving that a true paulite never changes. People were a little less interested in the speeches given by former principals and they were busy interacting with their friends whom they are meeting after ages. The moment the movie started, there was pin-drop silence, their eyes were fixed upon the screen. Few eyes were seen with tears rolling down. That was something never seen before in the history of St. Paulites

After the movie ended, we were called upon the stage, I heard hundreds of people shouting “ONCE MORE”. The first person I looked down from on the stage was our Rev. Fr. Principal who had a big grin on his face. 

Varun is a professional photographer and filmmaker. While Rachit’s main interest lies in writing and directing films. This film is their major debut project together.

Student Life

9 points why engineers should date a girl with Commerce background

While everyone talks about dating a girl with same interests, I beg to differ people. Here are 10 points why all engineers should date a girl with Commerce background.
1. She is great at finances and keeping track of the money and taxes. We engineers, being low on Financial knowledge (salary credit and debit) are greatly benefited.
Date a girl who thinks about money
2.  She has an emotional viewpoint to all your questions while we apply logic everywhere. Sooner or later, heart wins over brain.
Think like a fool
3. She is a multi-tasking phenomenon. She may talk to her mother on phone while preparing something delicious for the eve. She remembers our appointments and takes care of the petty issues without any hassle while we search for code bugs. And who knows one day we might see this avatar of her’s !
Girl on Bike
4.  She is not a Tech-Geek. Every now and then she may ask questions about Gmail, or how to use a software. Once we give a solution, she praises us and makes us feel like a star !
Date a dumb Girl
5. She is great at Performing Arts. So it makes us happy from inside how everyone is moved by her charm. We should be ready to see jealous faces around when she accompanies us.
Date a girl who love to dance
6.  Having a completely different thought process, sometimes she say things which sound so simple and yet so right. We are like “What the hell was I thinking ?
Date a girl who takes care of you
7. We believed that LIFE = WORK. As she enters our no fun life, we are introduced to so many things. She can talk about Art, Music, Films, Adventure, and so much more. We realize the importance of life with her around.
Date a girl who travels
8. She always MOTIVATES us to think of family before everything else. While our jobs are taking us away from relations, she always remind us of their importance.
Date a girl who understands you
9.  She helps make us a better person. The more we spend time with her, we start realizing what a mess was our life was before she came.
Date a Punjabi Girl
This post is not written to hurt Engineer Guys (already dating an engineer) or Girls. This is for those who are dating a girl with commerce background. The search is on while the end is near. And for the non-techy guys Engineer girls are waiting for you…. P. S. No puns intended..

Student Life

9 students committed suicide in Kota in last 6 months ! Doesn’t this make you uncomfortable ?

Kota has been making news globally and projecting itself as a coaching hub of the country producing maximum number of IITIANS and DOCTORS. But off-late it feels as if it is becoming a suicide capital of the country making news like:

‘Kota rocked with 5 teen suicides in a month’. – Indian Express June 30 2015

In the month of June only, 5 student committed suicide. And conditions only got worse from there. Now the number has reached to 9. The situation is heartbreaking. When you wake up in the morning, and read the news of another student who committed last night, it is the most unpleasant experience.
According to the recent findings, on an average, one student commits suicide in Kota in every 15 days. Shockingly, this number is far higher than the number of unemployed people or government officials committing suicide in the city! This reached a new height when in the month of June, when the results of various entrance examination came out & 5 coaching students committed suicide. 
According to a recent World Health Organization report, India has the highest suicide rate in the world for the 15-to-29 age group. It stands at 35.5 per 100,000 people for 2012, the last year for which numbers are available.
Most of us can sympathize, only a few can empathize but in reality no one can actually feel the real pain of parents who have just lost their 17 yrs. old son. How they must have endured the excruciating pain after getting the news of their son hanging himself to death simply because he thought that he won’t be able to come up to their expectations.

Who might be responsible for these deaths ? Students themselves ? Coaching Institutes ? Teachers ? Parents ? Or the whole society ?
It is time we start asking this question to ourselves

Can we do something about it, as individuals or as a society ?  When a person is going to commit suicide, he/she behaves abnormally. These are some of the traits which you can notice in a person, and prevent such happenings –

  • Slowly becomes quiet and loses interest in surroundings, friends and activities, feels worthless.
  • Skips meals, apparent loss of appetite is there or sometimes even gain in appetite.
  • Fall in grades and absence from school/ institute.
  •  Keeps unwell recurrently. Has either loss or increased sleep.
  • Succumb to drug or alcohol addiction.
Teens are very impulsive so they react to a situation without much contemplation. For them decisions are straight and fast. For few, perspective of life is a leisurely, cosy and rosy one. Anything away from it easily disturbs them and pushes them towards an extreme step.

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Suicide is a symptom of disease called ‘depression’

Have you ever pondered why a few would not even give one thought over an issue for which someone else would commit a suicide? Behind each suicide there is a disturbed /depressed mind having a relevant history which makes it impossible to fight a small challenge or adverse situation. A few people around you might have an apparent cause which you can see or might have a tragic history which makes you all the more responsible towards that person for the sake of humanity. People at risk are:

  • One having history of child abuse
  • History of divorced parents or history of suicide in family.
  • Suffering from bullying by peers/seniors.
  • Bad academic performance.
  • Has a recent break up with girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Is unhappy with his/her looks, feels hopeless.


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You can save lives. Don’t distance yourself from tough situations. If your friend or someone you know is not behaving normal, it is your duty as a human being to help them through tough times –

  • Stay in regular touch. At-least a ‘Hello’ morning and evening.
  • Always say ‘bye’ to your friend on a cheerful note.
  • Don’t hesitate to message or call in case you go out of touch for long time.
  • Keep sharing some inspiring stories and quotes.
  • Drag/Register your friend for some regular extracurricular activities like singing, playing any instrument, dancing or playing games, reading books, and painting.
  • Offer your company with him to a psychiatrist or a counsellor.
  • Tell his/her parents about the changed behaviour.
  • Do insist on him/her confiding all the feelings in front of you on a trustworthy note.
  • Try not to leave a depressed friend alone anytime – especially after a bad result or fight or scolding from a teacher.

So, let us all pledge to make sure that none of our friends or siblings or loved ones remain sad for a long time. Be a compassionate ear to them. Never hesitate to intervene in their sad lives to make it a happier one. It would be most wonderful feeling to know that you have saved an innocent soul.