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900 years old Vandalized Temples found near Kota

While wandering in the outskirts of Kota, a photographer, Shivaksh, found 900 years old Vandalized Temples.

This place has many monoliths and it was once home to a complex of 108 temples and a civilization as well, out of which only 2 temples survived the attacks and only a few structures from the civilization prevailed, else everything is in ruins now. This is one of the structure that prevailed.

It also had many inscriptions that have been stolen by researchers of other countries. Only few inscriptions can be found now and those were also tried to be vandalized.

Locals say that one of the inscriptions that has been stolen told about the king and queen of that time and the grandeur of the civilization.

This place is also surrounded by villages of Bhils who protect these forests and prevent human interference at this place! This place was protected by walls around 20ft high and 8ft wide, traces of which can be found now also.

Credits: Shivaksh Sharma

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