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Kotah Art Weekend: Unveiling Kota’s Artistic Legacy and Immersive Heritage

Kota Art Weekend is all set to give attendees an unforgettable exploration of Kota’s art and heritage.

A joint effort of Umed Bhawan Palace, Kotah and Kotah Garh (City Palace), Kota Art Weekend will take place from 15th to 17th March 2024.

For the first time visitors, the weekend will open door to Kota’s rich artistic legacy and heritage.

Programs at Kota Art Weekend

  • A talk on Kotah Art by Art Historian Professor Dr. JK Bautze
  • Interaction with Multi-Generational Miniature Artists
  • Guided Tour of the RMS Museum by Prof. Dr. JK Bautze

Stays and Meals for the attendees of Kota Art Weekend will be at Umed Bhawan Palace, Kotah – Kota’s most luxurious heritage hotel run by the royal family of Kotah.

Umed Bhawan Palace, Kotah
Ummed Bhawan Palace, Kotah

So, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first visit to Kota, the Kotah Art Weekend invites you for a unique experience exploring Kota’s miniature art, culture & heritage.

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