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Here’s an amazing book that prepares students for Hostel Life by Dr Surbhi Goyal.

After counselling hundreds of students in a premier coaching institute of Kota, Dr Surbhi Goyal has written a book ‘Hostel Life: A to Z of Life @Hostel’.

Dr. Surbhi Goyal

Written in the Indian context, this book becomes a perfect guide for students who are planning to enrol in coaching institutes away from their hometown.

In this scenario, students are faced with so many challenges – be it making the right friends, staying motivated, managing studies with the routine life in a strange city.

In the chapters of the book Hostel Life by Dr Surbhi Goyal, students find many real life examples in form of stories that’ll keep them engaged while they learn some of the most important lessons of Hostel Life.

This book is currently available only on Amazon. Here’s a link to get it – click here

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2 replies on “Here’s an amazing book that prepares students for Hostel Life by Dr Surbhi Goyal.”

I’m planning to join Kota next year for my 12th. I’m honestly worried about the food. How is life at Kota?
Life at any place becomes what you make out of it. As far as Life in Kota is concerned, it will give you an experience. I won’t say it’ll be a good experience or bad experience. But this experience will change you in certain way, so if you’re willin…

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