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10+Things to Keep in Mind While Looking for Hostels in Kota

There are hundreds of good hostels in Kota, but finding the right one for you can be tiresome.

With the reflux of students to the city in the covid-19 world, looking for hostels in Kota is challenging than ever.

We have created this guide for every student ( & their parents ) who are either planning to come to Kota or those who are struggling to find better hostels for themselves.

Kota, being the epicentre of coaching institutes witnesses more than few lakh students every year migrating to the city.

Most of these students are leaving their comfortable homes & coming to a very new & different place. Thus finding a comfortable PG or hostel in Kota is very crucial for students to help them prepare for competitive exams during the course of the next 2/3 years.

Therefore, by keeping a check-list of parameters to be considered while shortlisting hostels for themselves, students and parents can save themselves from the last-minute hustle.

Here are 10 points that could be kept in mind while looking for hostels in Kota.

1. Proper Covid-19 Precautions

Now that we have dived in pandemic stricken world, it is important that proper precautions are being undertaken by the hostel owners to avoid the spread of the disease.

Few states have ruled out Covid-19 guidelines for hostels and PGs to abide by. While looking for hostels in Kota, you can keep the following points in mind and ensure safety:-

  • One room for one person. If the room is large enough, then not more than two people should be given a single room.
  • There should be one whole floor vacant. In case someone gets tested positive, they should be isolated here.
  • Hostels should have mess in their premise.
  • Regular thermal screening and sanitation.

2. Distance from Coaching Institute

The students are required to commute between their coaching and hostels multiple times a day.Therefore it is suggested that they look for a hostel which is close to their institute building. This could be helpful for them in a number of ways.

  • Saves time
  • cut down their transportation cost
  • Hostels nearby might be costly; hostels within walking distance could get your budget stay. 
  • Less tiring 
  • Being punctual for classes by avoiding traffic at longer routes

3. Safety and Security

While most hostels in Kota take safety & security of students very seriously, but we do hear about incidents of thefts & other petty crimes.

Hence It is important that students live in a safe and carefree environment. For this, several hostel owners have taken certain precautionary measures for the benefit of the students.

Parents must ensure that their kid’s hostel has preliminary security measures installed. 

  • CCTV cameras for 24*7 security.  
  • biometric system (uses fingerprints of enrolled students)
  • system of swiping cards
  • Recording the entry and exit of outsiders
  • Installation of fire safety equipment (fire exit, fire alarms, fire extinguishers)

4. Number of Meals

We are aware of the fact that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. 

Students must be provided with nutritious and timely meals to maintain their energy levels and cope with their hectic schedule.

  • Students need energy throughout the day and therefore they can check if their hostel provides the 4-time meals: breakfast, lunch, hi-tea (Snacks), and dinner.
  • One can also ask for packed meals to be carried in case they miss out on them.

5. Quality of Food

Much as the number of meals, the quality of a meal is important too. If the taste and quality of the food are up to the mark, then only the whole purpose of having timely meals will be fulfilled. Here are few things parents can do while finding out the perfect mess for their kids.

  • Nutrition content should be up to the mark.
  • Taste should be good enough.
  • Try to taste the food of their hostel before admission.
  • Try talking to any existing student in the absence of the mess/hostel owner about the quality and quantity of food 
  • Depending on their taste preferences, they can choose the best available option.

6. Type of Room

A student’s room is their only personal space here in Kota and hence should match basic living standards.

Every hostel has a variety and type of room to choose from – single, double/triple sharing and dorm-style. Students can choose as per their budget and comfort zones.

7. Basic Standards Maintained by the Hostels

Some basic standards are to be maintained by every hostel and they focus on providing the students with: 

  • Disciplined environment
  • Undisturbed environment
  • Studying atmosphere
  • Positive ambience

8. Other Amenities

A good hostel could be categorized as something which gives students a whole package of other amenities and ensures them a comfortable stay. 

There are several other things which you students check in a hostel before they finalise it. 

  • Rooms with attached bathrooms for personal comfort
  • Hot water supply in bathrooms
  • Coolers or air conditioners in the room since the climatic conditions of Kota are extreme and therefore additional equipment are necessary 
  • Hygienic and cleanliness for healthy surroundings
  • Water coolers for drinking water
  • Power backup for uncalled conditions
  • Dry cleaning (in the house) to help children from saving time with daily chores.

9. Infrastructure

 The newer the building, the better the infrastructure. The old hostels might not be up to date and therefore there are new ones building every year with better infrastructure. 

  • New buildings have better maintenance and provide a good ambience for students.
  • Good quality furniture (bed, table, and chairs) are installed in rooms. 
  • For student’s comfort, a lift is installed 
  • For student’s entertainment, a television in the mess area. 
  • Availability of parents room in case they decide to stay for a couple of days.

10. Ventilation in the Rooms

A source of fresh air and sunlight in the room helps to create a positive aura around. Therefore, it must be ensured the students or their parents that there is a proper ventilation system in their room, allowing an adequate amount of light and air to flow through.

11. Emergency Needs

When staying away from home, one would need to know if the hostel they are staying in is willing to take care of them in case of any mishappening, or emergency medical condition or any other type of emergency conditions in which immediate action needs to be taken.

So it is a suggestion for guardians to check with the hostel staff and

  • Know the availability of first aid kits,
  • Nearby hospitals and doctors if the situation calls.

 Students and guardians can keep these certain important parameters in mind while looking for hostels in Kota. These hostel parameters will help them to select the best hostel for themselves and enjoy their trouble-free and comfortable stay. 

If you think that there are more things which could be taken into consideration then do mention them below. And if you know someone who is looking for a hostel in Kota, then share this post with them.

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