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9 points why engineers should date a girl with Commerce background

While everyone talks about dating a girl with same interests, I beg to differ people. Here are 10 points why all engineers should date a girl with Commerce background.
1. She is great at finances and keeping track of the money and taxes. We engineers, being low on Financial knowledge (salary credit and debit) are greatly benefited.
Date a girl who thinks about money
2.  She has an emotional viewpoint to all your questions while we apply logic everywhere. Sooner or later, heart wins over brain.
Think like a fool
3. She is a multi-tasking phenomenon. She may talk to her mother on phone while preparing something delicious for the eve. She remembers our appointments and takes care of the petty issues without any hassle while we search for code bugs. And who knows one day we might see this avatar of her’s !
Girl on Bike
4.  She is not a Tech-Geek. Every now and then she may ask questions about Gmail, or how to use a software. Once we give a solution, she praises us and makes us feel like a star !
Date a dumb Girl
5. She is great at Performing Arts. So it makes us happy from inside how everyone is moved by her charm. We should be ready to see jealous faces around when she accompanies us.
Date a girl who love to dance
6.  Having a completely different thought process, sometimes she say things which sound so simple and yet so right. We are like “What the hell was I thinking ?
Date a girl who takes care of you
7. We believed that LIFE = WORK. As she enters our no fun life, we are introduced to so many things. She can talk about Art, Music, Films, Adventure, and so much more. We realize the importance of life with her around.
Date a girl who travels
8. She always MOTIVATES us to think of family before everything else. While our jobs are taking us away from relations, she always remind us of their importance.
Date a girl who understands you
9.  She helps make us a better person. The more we spend time with her, we start realizing what a mess was our life was before she came.
Date a Punjabi Girl
This post is not written to hurt Engineer Guys (already dating an engineer) or Girls. This is for those who are dating a girl with commerce background. The search is on while the end is near. And for the non-techy guys Engineer girls are waiting for you…. P. S. No puns intended..

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