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9 students committed suicide in Kota in last 6 months ! Doesn’t this make you uncomfortable ?

Kota has been making news globally and projecting itself as a coaching hub of the country producing maximum number of IITIANS and DOCTORS. But off-late it feels as if it is becoming a suicide capital of the country making news like:

‘Kota rocked with 5 teen suicides in a month’. – Indian Express June 30 2015

In the month of June only, 5 student committed suicide. And conditions only got worse from there. Now the number has reached to 9. The situation is heartbreaking. When you wake up in the morning, and read the news of another student who committed last night, it is the most unpleasant experience.
According to the recent findings, on an average, one student commits suicide in Kota in every 15 days. Shockingly, this number is far higher than the number of unemployed people or government officials committing suicide in the city! This reached a new height when in the month of June, when the results of various entrance examination came out & 5 coaching students committed suicide. 
According to a recent World Health Organization report, India has the highest suicide rate in the world for the 15-to-29 age group. It stands at 35.5 per 100,000 people for 2012, the last year for which numbers are available.
Most of us can sympathize, only a few can empathize but in reality no one can actually feel the real pain of parents who have just lost their 17 yrs. old son. How they must have endured the excruciating pain after getting the news of their son hanging himself to death simply because he thought that he won’t be able to come up to their expectations.

Who might be responsible for these deaths ? Students themselves ? Coaching Institutes ? Teachers ? Parents ? Or the whole society ?
It is time we start asking this question to ourselves

Can we do something about it, as individuals or as a society ?  When a person is going to commit suicide, he/she behaves abnormally. These are some of the traits which you can notice in a person, and prevent such happenings –

  • Slowly becomes quiet and loses interest in surroundings, friends and activities, feels worthless.
  • Skips meals, apparent loss of appetite is there or sometimes even gain in appetite.
  • Fall in grades and absence from school/ institute.
  •  Keeps unwell recurrently. Has either loss or increased sleep.
  • Succumb to drug or alcohol addiction.
Teens are very impulsive so they react to a situation without much contemplation. For them decisions are straight and fast. For few, perspective of life is a leisurely, cosy and rosy one. Anything away from it easily disturbs them and pushes them towards an extreme step.

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Suicide is a symptom of disease called ‘depression’

Have you ever pondered why a few would not even give one thought over an issue for which someone else would commit a suicide? Behind each suicide there is a disturbed /depressed mind having a relevant history which makes it impossible to fight a small challenge or adverse situation. A few people around you might have an apparent cause which you can see or might have a tragic history which makes you all the more responsible towards that person for the sake of humanity. People at risk are:

  • One having history of child abuse
  • History of divorced parents or history of suicide in family.
  • Suffering from bullying by peers/seniors.
  • Bad academic performance.
  • Has a recent break up with girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Is unhappy with his/her looks, feels hopeless.


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You can save lives. Don’t distance yourself from tough situations. If your friend or someone you know is not behaving normal, it is your duty as a human being to help them through tough times –

  • Stay in regular touch. At-least a ‘Hello’ morning and evening.
  • Always say ‘bye’ to your friend on a cheerful note.
  • Don’t hesitate to message or call in case you go out of touch for long time.
  • Keep sharing some inspiring stories and quotes.
  • Drag/Register your friend for some regular extracurricular activities like singing, playing any instrument, dancing or playing games, reading books, and painting.
  • Offer your company with him to a psychiatrist or a counsellor.
  • Tell his/her parents about the changed behaviour.
  • Do insist on him/her confiding all the feelings in front of you on a trustworthy note.
  • Try not to leave a depressed friend alone anytime – especially after a bad result or fight or scolding from a teacher.

So, let us all pledge to make sure that none of our friends or siblings or loved ones remain sad for a long time. Be a compassionate ear to them. Never hesitate to intervene in their sad lives to make it a happier one. It would be most wonderful feeling to know that you have saved an innocent soul.

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