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Funniest Kota experiences shared on Quora

Kota city – a city of dreams.
Countless students have realized their dream of getting admission into top Engineering or Medical College so far.
Don’t be sad if it hasn’t been a case with you, because the knowledge you’ve gained and memories you’ve made will stay with you forever.
Quora is one such platform where a lot of students open up about their experiences in Kota.
Here are two such answers from students studied in Kota that will certainly make you smile a little wider.

How coming to Kota, broke Anmol’s stereotypes

What is your best moment in Kota life?
Whole Kota Life was Best.
The things I learnt in kota were not only limited to academics but also they cleared many misconceptions and brutal judgements for the people from other Indian States.
Lesson Learnt Were:-
Not everyone from West Bengal do support Mamta Banarjee.
Not everyone from Haryana is loud and love Sapna Chaudhary.
Not everyone from Bihar prepare for civil services, Use Word – Babbua instead they Love Litti Choka.
Not everyone from Uttar Pradesh eats paan, have there chacha as Vidhayak.
Not everyone from Uttarakhand, have clean faces. They do have beards.
Not everyone from Himachal Pradesh, carries cigarettes. Also they do feel the same cold as we do.
Not everyone from Rajasthan, lives in deserts, have Camels as their pets and are Super-Rich.
Not everyone from Delhi, loves Momos.
And Many Others as I had friends only from these States. I have put my best to mention the stereotypes that got broken towards India and people of my country.
Kota just turned a Boy to a Man.
Viva La Kota.
Anmol Rajput.
Edit: I was in Kota from 2016–2017 and prepared for JEE Mains at Resonance. No,I never met Kalpit Veerwal there. And we had very little difference between our marks. The difference in our marks was very little- The difference was only of 254 Marks. See,that tiny it was.
Yes,my marks were 106.
evil laugh.

– Anmol Rajput

What made this answer even funnier is Kalpit Veerwal’s reply to his answer

Sankarshan’s ultimate motivation

What is your Kota story, e.g., be it a motivational, witty, funny, romantic, thrilling, coaching, landlord and hostel incident one, or the like?
Well to start with….I was a student of Bansal classes, Kota for two years… and now I’m an IITian! After all….Bansalite today, IITian tomrrow!
Almost every student of Kota has the same story…..wake up, study…eat, study….attend classes, study with such a hype that you find yourself even dreaming about studies!
And yes, I was no exception But with a twist! A big one 😉
I discovered her maybe in the first class itself but her beauty was discovered much later and slowly I found my mind totally drowned in her thoughts. I didn’t have guts to talk to her and my repeated friend requests were never confirmed (not ignored even…+ve attitude ).
Sitting behind her in the classes and watching her beautiful hair was the only option left for me. But God had other plans…! She performed well in test and was promoted :(.
A motivated me aspiring for upper batch started preparing well but without luck…and whole my 11th passed that way.
All’s well that ends well…but neither was it well nor the END!
I was promoted to the 2nd batch in 12th and what do I find…She was also there!
Life again became worth living….Once again I was sitting behind her but this time with a strong determination to talk to her…..So I just waited for the right moment. Being an IIT aspirant my competitive spirit defined this right moment as the time I score better than her in our monthly test!
While chasing her, my rank began to improve but my real purpose was still not satisfied 🙁 Time passed and tests occoured …but never was mine rank better than hers.
So at our last test I decided to just stop this monkey business and speak my heart. I wrote some good lines….somehow managed to translate it into Marathi (she was from Aurangabad) and on the test day (which was also the last day of our classes) I reached early and sat on the second last bench…(she always sat on last bench).
Fully ready I came out of the test room as there was some time for the test to start.
Came back…..saw a bag on the last bench….Delighted, came to my seat, folded hands..closed eyes…thinking of the moments….How to start it.. 🙂
A voice comes from behind…..
Oye Sharpner hai kya?

I found the voice a lil different and turning back what do I see
A male classmate!!! 🙁 🙁
That was the end!
A sad one

– Sankarshan Verma

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