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Adharshila Dargah Kota, Rajasthan – Everything you need to know

Adharshila, a huge rock stranded in the valley of river Chambal never fails to surprise the devotees visiting the Dargah of Adharshilla, also known as Dargah of Amir Kabir.

Built in the medieval period, the Dargah is situated close to Adharshila hence called Adharshila dargah.

The ambiance around Darag is calm and tranquil.

Devotees in large numbers visit the mosque and pay their homage to the Sufi Saint.


While entering the Dargah one can witness the graveyard from the very gates. There are other graves present on the main gate towards the right-hand side.

Walking towards the main Mazar (mausoleum) a high plinth can be seen with many ‘ta’wiz’ (amulets) over it. Near the mosque, a minar about 20 feet high is built. The Dargah is an example of majestic architecture, impeccable craftsmanship, and artistry of the medieval age.


The shrine is a symbol of communal harmony as it is visited by the people of all religions. The mosque is open at all times for people to seek the blessings and spend some time in peace by the river bed.

How to reach?

Waqf Nagar, Dadabari – The place is within city reach, hence one can easily get a cab.


A special mention of the man behind these wonderful photographs – Shivaksh Sharma

He is a young photographer from Kota whose main areas of interests are Wildlife Photography & Exploring Places. He is pursuing his passion for photography from past 5 years.

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