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Aalniya – A special place for birdwatching just 25 Kms away from Kota

Aalniya is a village situated around 25 KM from Kota.

Famous for Aalniya Dam situated in the village, but there’s a lot more to seek than that.

Few of the major attractions of the village are the birds that migrate every year from across Europe and China and recently discovered cave paintings dating back to 3rd & 4th Century.

Every year during winters [October to late March], birds like; spoonbill, heron, Demoiselle Cranes, pelicans etc. migrate to Aalniya in search of food and shelter.

The rock paintings/ carvings are recently discovered, from the Stone Age era, carvings are said to be made by sharp stone tools which illustrate tigers, antelope, humans and hunting scenes.

It’s a great place for weekend picnics, as a day is enough to explore the place.

How to reach Aalniya

NH52 [Jhalawar Highway] is the fastest route to reach Alniya from Kota. Via train, it’s a half an hour journey.


What is the best time to visit Aalniya

For bird watchers, December to March is the ideal time. Monsoon is another great time to visit the place.

A special mention of the man behind these wonderful photographs; Shivaksh Sharma

He is a young photographer from Kota whose main areas of interests are Wildlife Photography & Exploring Places. He is pursuing his passion for photography from past 5 years.

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