These two runners from Kota will be running World’s Largest Marathon

It always feels great to see people from our own city setting benchmarks. This is another such moment for all of us. Two dynamic runners from our city are going to run in World’s oldest Marathon this year in South Africa. Let’s get to know the journeys of these individuals & about Comrades Marathon. About Comrades […]

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Adharshila Dargah Kota, Rajasthan – Everything you need to know

Adharshila, a huge rock stranded in the valley of river Chambal never fails to surprise the devotees visiting the Dargah of Adharshilla, also known as Dargah of Amir Kabir. Built in the medieval period, the Dargah is situated close to Adharshila hence called Adharshila dargah. The ambiance around Darag is calm and tranquil. Devotees in large […]