Top 20 Attractions in Kota City

In this guide, we have curated a list of 20+ top attractions of Kota City with beautiful photos.

So whether you’re planning to do sightseeing in the city or looking to explore even the less common places, you’ll find here many places to add to your awesome bucket list.

  1.     Seven Wonders Park

This wonderful park, adjacent to the soothing Kishore Sagar Lake is one of Kota’s top attractions.

The park displays the immaculately designed miniatures of all the seven wonders of the world which include the Taj Mahal, the Great Pyramid, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower, Christ the Redeemer of Brazil, the Colosseum, and the Statue of Liberty.

Strolling in this park is always a pleasant experience and that’s what we recommend to everyone!

2.    Hanging Bridge

Kota Hanging Bridge is another astounding landmark of the city and one of the main attractions of the city.

Standing firm on the outskirts of the city, this architectural wonder looks absolutely amazing as one drives through it. 

3. Kishore Sagar Talab (KST)

Situated in the heart of Kota City, this beautiful artificial lake has become a major attraction for tourists visiting Kota. 

In the centre of the lake is Jagmandir which is another remarkable structure. The view from here during sunset is simply mesmerizing as you’d see the Jagmandir, the Seven Wonders in a park and Kota Thermal and the sun ( of course ) in one single frame! 

It offers people having historical interests and those looking for recreation, a place to indulge and spend some blissful moments away from the maddening crowd and rowdy traffic. 

4.    Ghatotkach circle 

This sculpture is very lively and bewitching.

It depicts the scene from Mahabharata in which Ghatotkacha and Karna come to a face-off. The sculpture is carved with utmost detailing and intricacy.

It looks beautiful at every hour of the day and is definitely one of the top attractions of Kota.

5. Kota Garh Palace

Kota Garh Palace is situated in an area which is now commonly referred to as ‘Old City’ or ‘Old Kota’.  

Kota Garh is built on the east bank of the Chambal River. It also houses a fascinating Museum that has rich collections of arms and armour, the royal regalia and ritual paraphernalia, textiles and objets d’art, and world-famous miniature paintings and wall frescos.

It’s a must-visit for people who keep an interest in History and Culture. 

6. Garadia Mahadev 

Garadia Mahadev became one of the top tourist attractions of Kota City after it got featured in Rajasthan Tourism’s campaigns #JaneKyaDikhJaye. Click here to know more about this place

7. Kota Government Museum

The newly re-constructed Kota Government Museum is situated near Kishore Sagar Talab. It is still not very popular, but it’ll definitely surprise you with its collection of old coins, manuscripts and Hadoti sculptures. Find more details, click here.

8. CV Garden

The biggest and probably the most loved garden amongst the city people, CV Garden is lush green, has a running track, swings for kids and so much more.

9. Ganesh Udhyan

Another newly built garden in the new Kota. Situated near the popular Khade Ganesh Ji Mandir, Ganesh Udhayn is a huge garden with a running track, amphitheatre, a small cafe & much more. 

10. Rampura Bazar Kota

If you like exploring markets, then Rampura market gives you a feel of Kota like no other. Being one of the oldest markets of Kota, you’re bound to find almost everything here from home utensils to delicious sweets, fabrics & more. 

11. Kota Barrage 

Still interesting spots in the city for the people of Kota, especially during Monsoons. The sunset looks mesmerizing from here. You can feed pigeons in the morning and evening. 

12. Beautiful Temples

There are various beautiful temples in the city like Khade Ganesh Ji Temple, Godavari Dham, Sai Baba Temple & many more. 

13. Bhitariya Kund

Another interesting spot along the banks of Chambal River to experience serenity. Morning and evenings are particularly calm here and you’d feel very close to nature without even leaving the city.

14. Rocks Kota / Kari Ke Balaji

A place particularly famous among youngsters who usually visit here when they bunk tuitions in the evening. It is not a very known place which makes it more fun & thrilling to visit. Being on the banks of the Chambal river makes it more enjoying and watching the sunset from here is a beautiful experience.

15. Lucky Burj

Situated very close to Kishore Sagar Talav, Lucky Burj is one of the many Burjs built in the city during the time of king rule. Lucky Burj was renovated a few years back and given a modern look. It is built on a height, so enjoy the views of the lake and sunset from a height. There is also a small beautiful garden here which makes it more interesting to visit. 

16. Agamgarh Sahib Gurudwara, Badgaon

Situated on Bundi Road, just a few km from the main city, Agamgarh Sahib Gurudwara is one of the most beautiful structures you’ve ever visited. 

17. C.N.I. Church, Sabjmandi, Kota

Situated in the old Kota, C.N.I Church is one of the oldest monuments in the city, built during British rule. Although situated in one of the busiest areas of the old city, C.N.I. Church surprises its visitors with its beautiful structure & charming interiors. 

18. Chambal Garden

Probably the oldest and most popular garden of the city, most localities have some childhood memories associated with the Chambal garden. The Garden has large trees and a soothing environment which makes it worth a visit, every time you visit here. It also offers great views of the Chambal river and the Kota Thermal Power Plant behind it. 

19. Aalniya Dam 

Aalniya Dam, situated about 17 km from the main city, becomes a great attraction for people in the monsoon season. Aalniya is also famous for bird watching as various Migratory Birds visit here during Monsoon and winter seasons. Click here to know more about this place

20. Abheda Mahal, Kota

Abheda Mahal is a complex consisting of beautiful gardens and an adjacent pond. Situated on Nanta Road, it is one of the favourite places of Kota people to visit while going for a long drive. Sometimes, the place can be really crowded, but otherwise, it offers a beautiful escape from the hustle & bustle of the city. 

21. Kshar Bagh

Kshar bagh is a beautifully structured ancient memorial that consists of 17 majestic cenotaphs of former rulers of Kotah state.

This heritage garden is situated near CV Garden, Nayapura, Kota.

Though entry to the garden is restricted and prior permission is required from the authorities before you make a visit.

Read more about it here :

22.  Adarshila Dargah

Dargah of Adharshila also known as Dargah of Amir Kabir is situated and built on the banks of river Chambal.

The serenity and ambience around the Dargah make a calm and peaceful visit for all the devotees who come to pay their homage to the Sufi Saint in the Mosque.

Read More here :

23. British Cemetry, Nayapura

British Cemetery is a historic place situated near Chatra Vilas garden, Nayapura, Kota.

It has graves of British who died during their time in Kotah.

Read more here :

So these were the top attractions of Kota which are famous among locals and tourists for their beauty & grandeur.

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Recently I saw the movie “Badrinath ki Dulhania “and was quite impressed with the outdoor shooting in Kota.I thought that the seven wonders park was in Ramoji city, Hyderabad. So I browsed internet and found that the park is in Kota city itself. I must congratulate the people who created it. Now it is for the people of Kota and the visitors to keep it “swaccha “.

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