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7 Best Places to visit near Kota during Monsoon

From magnificent forts to breathtaking waterfalls, we’re going to tell you the best places to visit near Kota.

While most places in the list are within 50 Kms from the main city, there are some which are bit far but all of them are not more than 100 kms from Kota City.

Garadia Mahadev

This place has become all time favourite spot for Kotaities. The #JaneKyaDikhJaye famed location has a magical aura about it. With gigantic cliffs lying on either side of the gorge and the magnificent Chambal flowing in the gorge, the mesmerizing view from this place leaves first time visitors stunned.

Know here about Things to do at Garadia Mahadev, How to travel here, Entry Tickets & Timings


Bundi is a mesmerizing city tucked between gigantic hills and covered with nature’s beauty from every direction. It is one amongst the best tourist places to visit near Kota.

Being home to the magnificent fort, numerous stepwells and beautiful lakes, Bundi has a certain mystical aura to it. It’s classical architecture, unique miniature art and timeless heritage has helped Bundi retain its glory and charm even today.

Some visitors love Bundi for its surprising laid-back life, some for its artistic vibes and bluish colored homes, but everyone finds this small city truly fascinating!

Interesting Found: Chitrashala inside Bundi Palace & Bundi Miniature Style of Paintings.

Bundi Utsav is when the city comes alive during which a set of rituals are practiced along with cultural night programs. Read more about Bundi Utsav here.


It’s a perfect place to plan a day out or a picnic with family. Especially in monsoon, this place turns into a blissful heaven and becomes one of the best Kota nearby places to visit.

The Baroli Temples is a marvelous architectural site which is situated as you enter the Rawatbhata. The temples are built in 10-11 centuries and considered to be one of the earliest temple complexes of Rajasthan.

The Stunning Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall is a must visit for nature lovers and adventurers.

The route from Kota to Rawatbhata also becomes becomes an experience in itself during the monsoon. Whether you’re traveling by bus or car, it will surely leave you spellbound with the natural scenic beauty that you’ll witness on your way.

Baroli Temples, Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall, Setal Dam, Bridge Side, Chuliya Falls, Crocodile Point are some of the best places to visit in Rawatbhata.

Best time to visit Rawatbhata:

Monsoons (July-September) is a great time to visit Rawatbhata.

How to reach Rawatbhata from Kota

It is about 50 kms from Kota City. You can take a bus from Godhewala Baba Circle. 

It is suggested to go by your private vehicle for convenience as most of the spots are few Kms away from Rawatbhata and there are no public transport facilities available for these places. 

Tickets :

Free Entry at most places


Menal is known for its ancient temples and beautiful waterfalls.

Menal consists of many shrines, and the main shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The gorge and the huge waterfall divides the temple complex into two which is a stunning sight to watch.

Situated on Udaipur Highway, 87 Kms away from Kota, this place also makes it to our list of must visit places near Kota in Monsoon because of it emcoposes the extraordinary hertiage sites and wonderful waterfalls.

Best time to visit Menal

July – February

How to reach Menal from Kota:

It is 87 km from Kota towards Chittorgarh. The best option is to drive to this place.

Menal Tickets

Free Entry 


Gagron Fort and the Ancient Chandra Bagha Temples are the two main sites to explore when you visit Jhalawar.

Gagron Fort is surrounded from three sides by gushing waters of two rivers and it is said to be the only fort in India which doesn’t have a foundation. During the Monsoon, the gushing waters and the incredible structure of Gagron Fort makes it an interesting sight to watch. For the best view, you can head to Changeri, a little village in outcrop in the eastern end.

The ancient Chandra Bagha Temples are situated some 9 Kms from Jhalawar, on the banks of Chandra Bagha river. These temples are a fine example of detailed craftsmanship and brilliant architecture of 7th century A.D.

Best time to visit:

July – February

How to reach

It is 88 kms from Kota by road. You can take a bus from New Bus Stand. Or you can board the single train which goes to Jhalwar from Kota, which takes about 2 hours.  


Free Entry


Though being farthest from all the locations mentioned in the list of best attractions near Kota, Chittorgarh makes an interesting weekend getaway in the Monsoon season.

Famous for its royal cultural heritage and magnificent forts and palaces, Chittor has enough remarkable sites to occupy your whole weekend! Chittorgarh Fort is one of the largest forts in India which comprises of 22 water bodies, palaces, towers and temples spread across 700 acres.

You can also visit Menal on your way to Chittorgarh which we have already covered above.

Chittorgarh Fort, Padmavati Palace, Gaumukh Reservoir, Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary, SanwariyaJi Temple are some of the best places to visit in Chittorgarh.

Best time to visit:

July – January 

How to reach

It is 172 Kms from Kota on the way to Udaipur. You can get a bus from Nayapura Bus stand or New Bus Stand ( near Ahluwalia Mall )

Or board a train from Kota Railway Station. Dehradun Express or Mewar Express are best options. 


A beautiful waterfall just in the outskirts of Kota is a picturesque location surrounded by huge canyons and waterfall flowing from a height.

While Geparnath has become a popular among people as a picnic spot near Kota, it is advised to be cautious while walking down the steps which leads to the Geparnath Temple as it is not well maintained and there is no governing authority to keep the place safe for visitors.

In Monsoon, Geparnath Waterfall is surely one of the most mesmerizing waterfalls you’d come across in Rajasthan. 

Best time to visit

July – January 

How to reach

It is 25 km from Kota. You have to go by your personal vehicle. 


Free Entry

There are also numerous other interesting places to visit near Kota which can offer eye-pleasing landscapes in this awesome weather. These places includes Abheda Mahal, Chattaneshwar, Alaniya Dam, Barda Dam, Rameshwaram Temple near Bundi, etc.

So plan a short trip to one of these places and share your experiences with us. You can write to us at or tag us @kotacityblog in your Instagram posts.

Happy Monsooning everyone!

Photography Credits: Zishan Pathan

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