Mehfil-e-chunav: Sprinkling Poetic flavor to the upcoming National Elections

शायरो की महफ़िल में फिर सेलाब आया है

शहर के दरवाजे दस्तक देने चुनाव आया है।

मैं और तू में बटना जाना तुम कहीं

बाँट कर राज करने सियासी मदार आया है

Considering the popularity of open mic events in the country and the way they intimidate our thoughts, one such event was curated in the city to add a poetic essence to the upcoming National elections.
The narratives were so profound and mesmerising that they gave us tickle in our hearts.

The event went on for about 3 hours and everyone experienced a poetic spree in the air with streaks of enthusiasm and love.

Many talented Poets from the city presented their thoughts, views and ideas about politics and upcoming elections in the most entertaining way possible.

The event also witnessed the book launch of Palak Sharma’s poetry collection This Is How I Die Of Wondering. Palak is a writer from Kota who has recently published her debut novel.

Palak Sharma talking about her book

After some more heartfelt performances, the event came to an end and everyone gathered for a group picture.

Lastly, everyone left for home with a refreshed and poetic heart.

The event was a joint effort of Kota City Blog, Open Mic Club and Rajasthan Patrika.

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