Garadiya Mahadev: The Nature’s Paradise in the outskirts of Kota City

Garadiya Mahadev in Kota Rajasthan has become one of the most popular tourist spots in Rajasthan & in India over the years. 

Some travelers even started calling it ‘The Grand Canyon of India’ ( Taking the name from the original Grand Canyon which is in the United States of America ).

Just look at this mystical view of Chambal Valley from Garadia Mahadev

View of Chambal Valley from Garadia Mahadev

Situated at an altitude of 500 ft, the Garadia Mahadev offers spectacular views of Chambal River & Chambal Valley. The calm chambal river flowing between the steep cliffs creats a huge U-shaped gorge which is majestic in every sense.

Just by being here, one experiences true bliss!

This guide is updated for 2021 keeping in mind of regulations & changes due to Covid-19

Where is Garadiya Mahadev located ?

Garadiya Mahadev is located in the outskirts of Kota City. It is only about 30 Kms from the main Kota city.

On NH76 Highway towards Chittorgarh & Udaipur, one has to take a turn on a rough patch of road which leads to this beautiful place. Luckily, the rough patch is only 2-3 Kms and is only troublesome during heavy rains.

How did it become so popular in recent years ?

Few years back, only locals knew about this place. Only a few travelers happen to visit Garadia every year.

In 2016, Rajasthan Tourism’s Campaign made 6 videos ads of various places of Rajasthan and Garadia Mahadev was featured in one of those Ads. The campaign ‘Jane Kya Dikh Jaye’ got viral on social media and Rajasthan Tourism also promoted it through hoardings & other media in various cities of Rajasthan & other states.

Watch the amazing Ad by Rajasthan Tourism featuring Garadia Mahadev –

From then onward, Garadia has become a popular destination for people traveling to Rajasthan.

Things to do at Garadia Mahadev

Soak yourself in the tranquility 

Provided the panoramic view and tranquility of Garadia, one should definitely sit here for a while and absorb the peace and serenity that surrounds it.


Given the immense beauty of the place, garadiya mahadev is one of the most loved places of all the nature photographers around. It is in fact a place to capture some of the most beautiful scenes around.

Visit the temple

You won’t see the temple of Mahadev, the moment you reach this place.The shrine of lord shiva is located a few stairs away and one has to go all through them to reach the temple. Garadia Mahadev temple also attracts lot of visitors.

Wildlife sightseeing 

Since garadia mahadev comes under the region of Mukundra Hill Tiger Reserve and the river chambal hosts an exciting range of animal biodiversity, one can manage to have some glimpses of the wildlife around.

Some people have also shared incidents when they have spotted a bear who lives nearby. 

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Best Time to visit Garadia

Garadiya is open during the entire year for visitors.

Monsoon & Winters are the best seasons to visit Garadia Mahadev Kota Rajasthan. Watching the sunrise from this place is a rejuvenating experience in itself. Evenings are also pleasant here because it’s surrounded by rich wildlife and nature.

The place looks magnificent during monsoon however it is advisable to not visit Garadia Mahadev when it’s too rainy because of the edgy, rocky cliffs. 

Late night visit is also not recommended since the place is located in a slightly isolated and remote area.

7 AM to 5:30 PM is the best time to visit this place

How to reach Garadiya Mahadev ( Modes of Transport )

The best way to travel to Garadia Mahadev from Kota City is by your own vehicle. There is ample parking space available at Garadiya Mahadev for 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler.

Finding public transport can be a hassle to this place. You can always hitch-hike and get dropped on the highway from where you’ll have to walk a few kms to reach the place.

Tickets & Entry charges

Note: It is mandatory to have an ID when visiting this place.

Indian Citizen: 75;

Non-Indian Citizen: 500;

Student ( Indian ): 20 ( On showing your institute’s ID );

Car: 200

We would like to know your experience of visiting Garadia Mahadev. Please share in comments below.

Image Credits: Zishan Pathan

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