Siddharth Soni- Young champ who speaks through the chords of his guitar.

“Music gives him biggest satisfaction,

Practice helps him in his introspection,

He never likes to miss his guitar sessions,

Meet Siddharth Soni – heading towards achieving perfection”


Sweet sixteen but spectacularly synchronized with the chords of guitar. Our artist is a very young and talented guitarist.

Music Classes in Kota

He has been polishing his guitar skills from past 3 years and will leave you in a musical aura. Siddhartha also has his own Youtube channel namely SIDD VAI.  With more than 7000 views, he has over 130+ subscribers to his channel.

Our artist draws his inspiration from all the great guitarists. Even his Youtube channel’s name is kept after the name of famous guitarist Steven Siro Vai.

On being asked, what does music mean to you? Sidd Vai told us that music brings him joy. It gives him satisfaction. He said,”I can’t sleep without completing my daily practice.”

He has a good hold on the chords of Electric as well as Acoustic guitars. Siddharth has also performed and won a prize at IMMIX, 2015 organised by Career Point University.

Our artist’s guitar is not just a thing for him. It is an extention of him that makes him what he is.

Gaurav Gupta who is Siddhart’s mentor and  guitar teacher told us more things about his favorite student – 

Siddharth is not just a student, he is more like a family. He shares a same maturity level with me and is a star of our TMC (The Music Club). Siddharth is learning, growing and looks at himself as his biggest competition. He is a very hardworking person when it comes to learning something new.

Give your ears a melodious treat while listening to our artist’s talent.

Siddharth Soni, is a student of class 11th, D.A.V. Public School, Kota. He is a brilliant and devoted guitarist. Besides playing guitar, our artist is also a lover of Cricket game.

So, this was our artist of the week- Siddharth Soni, who doesn’t need to speak much because his guitar says it all !

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