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Ganesh Udhyan – A beautiful Garden in Kota near Khade Ganesh Ji Temple

Ganesh Udhyan is situated near very famous Khade Ganesh Ji Temple at Ganesh Nagar, Kota.

It’s a newly constructed garden in Kota, opened to the public in 2016.

The garden is spread across a large area, with a beautiful sheet of green grass and diverse species of flowers and plants. Apart from the natural beauty, there’s a coffee shop and a bunch of big rides that you can explore.

Another point of attraction in the park is an artificial hill that provides a lovely view of the nearby area.

Open Theater at Ganesh Udhyan, Kota
Cafeteria at Ganesh Udhyan, Kota

How to reach Ganesh Udhyan

Ganesh Udhyan, Ganesh Nagar.


Best time to visit

The suggested time to visit the park would be around morning or evening, as there aren’t many big trees in the park for you to shelter yourself from afternoon sun.

A special mention of the man behind these wonderful photographs; Shivaksh Sharma

He is a young photographer from Kota whose main areas of interests are Wildlife Photography & Exploring Places. He is pursuing his passion for photography from past 5 years.

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