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From drawing superhero sketches to running a successful Tattoo studio – How this tattoo artist from Kota made his dream come true

From that kid who was trying to copy Superhero Sketches sitting at the last bench in the classroom to becoming a professional Tattoo artist & leaving my art on over 10,000 souls, it has truly been a roller coaster ride!
~ Ronnie

“You’ll need a license from the Government” – People threw such answers at me when I asked them about the field of Tattoo.

Many people of my age liked Guitar, I was into Tattoos. But I had no idea what I should do or what was even possible. It was simply a hobby for me.

I was in 11th standard, when by luck I happened to meet the Director of La Nina Tattoos, Ahmedabad, who was in Kota for a short period of time. He asked me about my passion for Tattoos, saw some of my work and agreed to give me some lessons.

Soon after that, I went to Ahmedabad to do a workshop at his institute. It was a 20 day workshop which first introduced me to this new fascinating world of Tattoos.

I came back to Kota and started doing Tattoos for friends and charged a small amount. They loved it, and soon more people started asking if I can make Tattoos for them. Things were going good for me. In 12th standard, while everyone was worried about board exams, I opened my first Tattoo Studio, Ronnie’s Tattoo, in Jawahar Nagar. Those were unbelievable times!

Soon after 12th, I went to do a 6 month course at Aliens Tattoo in Mumbai. This is where I learned how to be a professional artist. My art surely got to another level, but most importantly, Aliens Tattoo showed me a way to how I can actually achieve success in this field.

Today, I have a team of 3 other Tattoo artists with me. I have done 25+ tours in 7 cities in the past few years. I also take workshops to introduce this art-form to interested people. And each day is a blessing because I am able to do what I am passionate about.”

This was Ronnie’s story, a very talented tattoo artist from Kota and founder of Ronnie Tattoos. If you have a story which needs to be heard, mail us at

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Hi Ronnie, as Sunny Bhanushali owner of Aliens Tattoo studio is leading tattoo artist in Mumbai, Devilz Tattooz is leading tattoo studio in Delhi. It was nice to hear that you started your studio in Kota.

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