Keshav Rai Temple : A Magnificent Temple of Lord Vishnu on the Banks of Chambal

Keshav Rai Temple is a famous hindu temple situated on the banks of river Chambal in the town of Keshorai Patan near Kota city of Rajasthan. Built by Rao Raja Chattar Sal of Bundi in 1641, the temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu and is said to be one of the oldest temples in Rajasthan.

On Kartik Poornima, every year a number of devotees come here to take a dip in the holy water of Chambal and offer their prayers to Lord Vishnu.

Chambal River


The history of Keshav rai temple dates back to Samvat 1304 when Raja Ranti Deo initiated the construction of this temple after Lord Vishnu, pleased by the king’s devotion, appeared in two forms Keshav Rai Ji and Charbhuja ji. However, the construction was completed generations later by Rao Raja Chattar Sal in 1641 AD (Samvat 1698).


The most fascinating aspect of Keshav Rai temple is its immaculate architecture. With a peculiar styled entrance inspired by medieval architecture and walls with detailed carvings of figures of gods and goddesses, the temple continues to attract its devotees even today.

The four storeyed Shikhar itself has incurves of holy figures like yakshas, gods, goddesses etc. with a kalash on top.

The outer portion of the temple has Rajasthani style canopies over it which adds to the magnificence of the temple.

Inside the temple : The Idol of Lord Keshav Rai ji 

Apart from the beautiful architecture and the mesmerizing view of the chambal from the temple, one thing which pleases the devotees most is the spellbinding idol of Lord Keshav Rai Ji. The white-stoned idol is seated in padmasana with vaijantimala and janev hovered over the trunk and a conch and chakra in either hands. The head is adorned with a silver crown(mukut) with a peacock feather on the right.

Other Attractions


Apart from the Keshav Rai Temple, there are few other temples in the town like the old jain temple, Mrityunjay mahadev temple and kalyan rai temple which offer a perfect place to devote yourself to god and spend some time away from the chaos of the world.


Some of the common festivities of the town of keshoraipatan are Kartik fair, Bundi Utsav, Tejaji Ki Ghodi and Dhol Gyaras. Among these, Bundi Utsav is a celebration you should clearly not miss. Read more about bundi utsav here


Morning: 4.00 am – 12.00 pm

Evening: 3.00 pm – 9.00 pm


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Photo Credits : Zishan Pathan

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