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Chambal Safari – Mesmerizing Boat Safari experience in Kota [ 2022 Updated ]

Chambal Water Safe is an enchanting Water Safari experience where fun never stops! 

Forest Water Safaris are not a new concept in India. Various National Parks & Reserves across the country have this beautiful experience, but for Rajasthan, Chambal Water Safari is one of a kind.

Chambal is the only perennial river of Rajasthan, and it does offer a great biodiversity

The boat safari experience in Chambal is loved by everyone, from adventure lovers to wildlife enthusiasts & nature admirers. 

Multiple Routes of Safari 

There are multiple routes for Chambal Safari.

The most popular routes are:

  1. From Forest Office near Kishorepura Muktidham to Bhanwar Kunj ;
  2. From Forest office near Kishorepura Muktidham to Garadiya Mahadev.
  3. One can also take Boat Safari from Jawahar Sagar Dam which goes up to Bhainsrorgarh.

Chambal Safari to Bhanwar Kunj

Bhanwar Kunj is a famous spot among locals near Hanging Bridge.

Charges: Rs. 800 per head per hour. Minimum 4 persons required.

Chambal Safari to Garadiya Mahadev

Garadiya Mahadev has become one of the most popular attractions of Rajasthan. Enjoying the mesmerizing Garadiya from Boat Safari is a different experience altogether.

Charges: Rs. 1600 per head for 2 hours. Minimum 4 persons required.

What you can expect 

Spotting Wildlife

Crocodile resting on the bank of Chambal

One could spot different kinds of migratory birds, crocodiles, panther, otters, sloth bear, various kinds of owls (brown fish owl, Indian eagle owl, dusky owl, spotted owlets) & more.

Spotting Historical Places

One can spot various historical hunting places which were once used by royals of Kotah to hunt wildlife animals.

Fascinating Gorges of Chambal

Chambal is known for its breathtaking gorges, Garadiya Mahadev being one of them.

Capture it all in your mobile camera / DSLR

You can capture everything with your phone camera or DSLR, just be careful you don’t drop it in the river!

What not to expect 

While Chambal Safari is an experience like no other, there are few things which disappoints people. It is better to have your expectations in right place and know what you won’t be able to do during the Safari –

  1. There are no stoppages and no getting off the boat.
  2. There is a limited time for any of the routes you choose. If you extend the timings, additional charges may apply.

Where to book tickets 

  1. Forest Office, near Kishorepura Mukti Dham
  2. Forest Office, near Jawahar Sagar Dam
Entrance of Forest Office, near Kishorepura Mukti Dham

Sadly, there is no online booking facility yet. One has to go to the respective forest offices to get the tickets. Good part is people generally get the tickets on the spot. There are multiple Safari vendors who are available on request at the Forest Office.

Chambal Safari should be on your list if you’re visiting Kota. If you want to get more assistance regarding planning your travel, WhatsApp us at 08114498856 or mail us at

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