These two runners from Kota will be running World’s Largest Marathon

It always feels great to see people from our own city setting benchmarks. This is another such moment for all of us.
Two dynamic runners from our city are going to run in World’s oldest Marathon this year in South Africa. Let’s get to know the journeys of these individuals & about Comrades Marathon.

About Comrades Marathon 

Comrades Marathon is world’s oldest and longest marathon approximately 89km, it is run yearly in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg.
Around 20,000 people participate in the marathon every year from around the world. Since 1988, over 10,000 runners have reached the finish line. This year, around 90 runners from India are participating in the marathon.
For comrades qualification, one needs to have run an officially certified marathon, according to the following table;

42.2 km 5 hrs.00 min
48 – 50 km 6 hrs.00 min
52 – 54 km 6 hrs.30 min
56 km 7 hrs.00 min
60 km 7 hrs.40 min
64 km 8 hrs.20 min
68 km 9 hrs. 00 min
80 km 10 hrs.40 min
89 km 12 hrs.00 min
100 km 13 hrs.30 min

The marathon should have run between August to May.

About Anant 

Anant goes by the alias “Anant Go Green”. He is a running & cycling enthusiast who follows and preaches Green Lifestyle. He has been training in Manali for over a year for Comrades Marathon 2018

About Nitin 

Nitin has earned a title for “Super Randonneur” by completing a series of brevets ( 200, 300, 400, 600 Km) in the same year. Another remarkable thing about Nitin is that he started his running & cycling in March 2017 and since then he has finished 2 races ( 1st Position in one and 2nd in another ).
Both Anant & Nitin wanted to express their gratitude to “Cyclrots” and “Inshape Runners Club” for giving them a chance to explore their athletic side.
We wish them all the best, enjoy the run and Keep Going!
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