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About 40 Young enthusiasts attended the Kotah Miniature Art Workshop at Kotah Garh

From 14 to 23 November 2022, Kotah royal family-run Rao Madho Singh Museum Trust organized the first ever workshop on Kotah Miniature Style of Paintings.

The 10-Day workshop was led by Mohammad Lukman who is a fifth-generation artist & a master in Kotah miniature art.

The workshop was organized in an attempt to kick-start the preservation of Kota School of Art & greater community engagement with its artists.

From the Workshop

Kota Miniature is undoubtedly a dying craft, but through these initiatives & workshops – it could be preserved and kept alive by inculcating in modern professions.

The successful 10 Days workshop by the Kota royal family is an important step towards preserving this incredible art-form.

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