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iStart Nest Kota is calling all interested startups to apply for incubation support.

Are you an entrepreneur based in Kota?

Here’s an interesting update for you !

A new 100 seater incubator for startups is about to launch this month in Kota.

Rajasthan has been undertaking initiatives to promote startups & innovation in the state.

iStart Rajasthan is one such initiative. It assists startups in the state by supporting them with Incubation, Mentoring, Funding, Networking, etc. 

iStart Rajasthan’s 100 seated state-of-art incubator in Kota will open in coming few days.

The incubator named iStart Nest Kota is set to play a democratizing and enabling role to support entrepreneurship.

We met iStart Nest Kota Team to know more about the Incubator and its role in building a startup ecosystem in Kota.

When will the incubator be operational?

iStart Nest Kota will be operational in next few days. Efforts are being vested by the iStart Team to onboard quality startups. Eligible startups recognized by the iStart program can avail incubation support.

More than 35 startups from Kota have shown interest in starting their operations from the 100-seated incubation center.

Who can apply for the incubation support? Is there a preference for startups from certain sectors?

Startups who have been recognized by the iStart program can apply for incubation support. The incubator is sector agnostic. Startups from any domain can apply.

What is the procedure to apply for the support?

Startups from Rajasthan can visit the iStart portal

Registration, recognition and applying for funding – startups can carry out all these through iStart portal.

What other support or benefits can startups expect from iStart Nest?

Apart from the access to state-of-the-art infrastructure of incubator,  iStart Nest Kota will be supporting startups with :

Intellectual Support 

  • Access to experienced industry mentors and academic institutions.
  • Access to Workshops & Seminars on various subjects by industry experts, both online & offline.

Financial Support 

  • Monthly allowances for sustenance, marketing, etc.
  • Seed Fund, Pilot Stage Fund, etc.

Networking & Linkages Support 

  • Access to investors and pitch sessions.
  • Opportunity to take part  in different start-up forums.
  • Access to government & industry association.
  • Access to financial institutions.

How will iStart Nest help in building a startup ecosystem in Kota?

1) Regular outreach and awareness sessions in academic institutions to tap the potential of student entrepreneurs.

2) Organizing Workshops to enhance the thought horizon of the budding entrepreneurs

3) Conducting online sessions, networking events, knowledge boot-camps, panel discussions and other events to inspire and motivate startups

4) Created a WhatsApp group with more than 150 startup founders, and featured them to cross promote the business ideas , create avenues for networking, and build positive synergies amongst the startups.

About iStart Rajasthan 

iStart Rajasthan flagship program by the Department of Information Technology & Communication, Government of Rajasthan to foster innovation, create jobs and ease investment opportunities. 

iStart Rajasthan has more than 1780 recognized startups that have created above 20,000 job opportunities and funded 300+ startups with over 9.5 Cr since August 2021. Today, 300+ entrepreneurs are availing incubation facilities across the state.

For more details / queries

Contact iStart Team at 9414454572 / 8249038401

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