Kota Garh Palace Museum Surprises You With Its Rich Collection of Art, Heritage and Unfading Stories

The Garh Palace of Kota is a site of beauty which encompasses history and tradition in every inch. The palace has several eye-pleasing sites and the Garh Palace Museum is one of them.

Kota Garh Palace Museum, also known as Rao Madho Singh Museum, has rich collection of arms and armours, royal regalia, silver gilt thrones, elephant howdahs which spoke so much about the bygone era.

The city palace had not only preserved the museum but also many stories of the kingdom, local city and its people.

Each painting on the wall gives a detailed account about the culture, daily lifestyle, norms, traditions, and working of the people of our city. Even the windows and balcony of the Palace give a scenic look of Kota 

The map with events of 1857-58 introduces us to all the times of British existence. There is also a spectacular Arial view image of the Fort that almost left everybody in awe.

While exploring the backside of the fort, one can witness that Kota bairrage dam built up in 1960 had major effects on the Garh palace buildings. It flooded the basements of Jhala Haveli and the blasting for construction severly damaged and made it a derelict ruin. The large wall paintings were removed prior to the blasting and are on display in the National Museum in Delhi.

The preserved skins of Deer, Indian Lion, Bear, Indian Bison, etc. indicate towards the hobby of hunting that the Royal Families possessed.

Have a look at our gallery to get a glimpse of the Museum inside Kota Garh Palace

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Photo Credits : Zishan Pathan