Kotah Garh Palace – An insight into the roots of the city

Kota Garh Palace, also known as Kota Garh or City Palace Kota was built in 1264 C.E by Prince Jait Singh of Bundi. Today, Garh Palace, an architectural monument, is home to a vast number of man-made marvels.


By visiting Garh Palace one definitely gets to know about the history of Kota, the traditions and rituals that were practiced in this region of Hadoti, and how the city has evolved into what we see it today.

Kota ( formerly known as ‘Kotah’ ) has always been famous for its Palaces & Gardens.

Peek into the historic event

Garh Palace ( or City Palace ) was founded around 1264 C.E. and today, The palace serves as a peculiar window to times of Rajas and Maharajas.

It is believed that the foundations were first laid on the spot where Prince Jait Singh of Bundi sacrificed and buried the severed head of the defeated Bhil Chieftain Koteya who had previously ruled the region.

Magnificent Architecture 

The architecture of the historical buildings in this region are different from those in the rest of Rajasthan. Garh palace reflects rich Rajput heritage along with Mughal art. They are said to be built in different eras and one can find a variety of architectural structures in the palace only. 

There are beautiful gardens around the palace and a marvelous entrance. The marble flooring, mirror ceilings, floral decorations, wall paintings, and museum are something to watch. 

Rao Madho Singh Museum

Kota Garh Palace also houses an incredible Museum which has a rich collection of medieval-age items which exhibit the magnificence of the era. You will find arms and armor, the royal regalia and ritual paraphernalia. 

The outfits and apparel of former kings and queens are also shown in the museum. And the world-famous miniature paintings, textiles, objects d’art, and wall frescos will amaze you.

See a glimpse of the museum inside Garh Palace, click here

Timing & Entry Fee

Open on ALL Days, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Indian Student RS.20/-

Children’s ( Below 12 Yrs) RS.20/-

Indian (Only Museum) RS.40/-

Indians Inclusive of Badal Mahal RS.100/-

Foreigners Inclusive of Badal Mahal RS.300/-

Photography Fee RS.100/-

How to Reach

Garh Palace is a reminder of the glorifying times of rulers. If you are someone who loves to explore art and history, we definitely suggest you to visit Garh Palace.

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Photo Credits: Zishan Pathan

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