You’d definitely want to know these talented music artists from Kota

Someone rightly said, “music knows no boundaries”, it originates in rarest of places,  brings people together and make even the coldest of hearts believe in love !
These four music artists whom we are featuring here are amazingly good at their craft; they are creative, energetic, and passionate. What’s interesting to notice is that these young artists are experimenting with their music. In spite of being from small city, they are not afraid to take a leap of faith and do something unique ! Hope you’ll enjoy reading about their music and stories around it. 
We have – Megh, vocalist from Evol band, Nikhil, the bassist of SAAR band, and Gagan, by alias “The Str/nger”  & Abhimany, by alias “RedAcid India”. Gagan and Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu and Gagan used to work as a duo but now work mostly as an independent artists (Yes, we’ll tell why it is so !).


Megh is the lead vocalist of the Evol Band which is into alternative folk and sufi rock. Evol, a band which started from Kota, is one among the very few bands from rajasthan to give music in a regional movie “Bhawri – the hidden truth” and in a hindi movie “Kota junction”.
Vivek and Megh are now the main people running and evolving Evol into new dimensions. They hire different artists to perform with them depending on the requirement of a show. Recently the band was in the limelight being the runner up at HT Friday Jam in Gurgaon.
Here is a video of Evol Band at FridayJam, Gurgaon

They have an all new track coming up this December ! Stay tuned and follow them on Facebook.


Nikhil is a bassist or bass guitarist. He is currently in the final year of his engineering. Music has always been an important part of his life, though as Nikhil told us, he didn’t took it seriously until his college years.
Back, when he used to play guitar, he always felt the need of a good bass guitarist. Nikhil realized that a bassist is the most revered member of a band, and bass is a highly desirable instrument for players of all levels.  So he went by the famous saying “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.”
That was 2 and half years ago and now he has been playing with a hindi rock band namely  SAAR ( A Jaipur based band) and loving every minute of his work. The band also made it into the Sennheiser Top 50 bands of India this year.
Next we have two talented folks who used to play together by the name of “2 strangers”, but recently they decided to work independently because of their evolving interest in different genres. They are still friends, not strangers, and they never miss a chance to unite whenever the opportunity knocks on their  door.

Gagan (The Str/nger)

Dunes Music Festival
Recently, Dunes Music Festival came to Kota for a Pre party at Troika Lounge and if you were there, you might remember this guy spinning your head to the most amazing tracks. Gagan is an indian dj and music producer by the name “The Str/nger”.
Gagan started back in 2011 by playing in local parties of Kota and then went to Delhi to complete his course in music production. Till now, he has done shows at & including  JECRC, Jingle Hell, IMT Ghaziabad.
Late in 2013, Gagan and Abhimanyu (Redacid) formed ‘2 strangers’, and performed together at various venues in Delhi including the biggest nightclub in India-Club ShowShaa, Kingdom of Dreams in 2015.
Now Gagan is into his solo Project ‘The Str/nger ‘ which is an EdM project (based in Delhi/Kota). He remixes and plays progressive house and Bigroom house. Follow him on Facebook as he has some unique tracks upcoming in January, 2017.

Abhimanyu (  RedAcid India)

DJs in kota
Abhimanyu might come across as the most chilled out person on earth, and his craft is simply admirable. He draws his biggest inspiration from his father when it comes to music.
Listen to his newly composed track here –

On being asked about his achievements, Abhimanyu narrated his story and left us spellbound. It was then, when Upgrade got impressed by his style and sense of music and  he got a chance to open a set for Upgrade in Manali. (Upgrade is an international the artist abhimanyu follows and gets inspired from)
Abhimanyu started his journey from techno music, then moved to club house and he is now into underground rave music, which is psychedelic trance also known as psy trance. He is currently working on 2 new psy albums.
Feeling inspired ? Their stories shows that you can be anywhere, even in a small city like Kota, and still be an artist and dream big !  All you need to do is believe in yourself and you can achieve the unthinkable! Share this blog so that you’re friends can know about these talented upcoming musicians from your city. 
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