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How this team of teenagers is solving city’s problems

One Organization Ananya Singvi

“The smallest acts of Kindness is worth more than the greatest intention” – Kahlil Gibran

Every Sunday, this team of teenagers go out & help a specific group of people or solve a specific problem of the city. Most of them are still in 11th or 12th standard.

While most students of their age were watching Netflix or scrolling TikTok during the lockdown, these energetic ones were planning various initiatives to help those in need.

Let’s get to know their story –

Ananya who is 18 years old was all set to go abroad for studies after 12th examinations. She has everything mapped out for her career ahead, but then pandemic happened and lockdown followed.

Realizing it earlier that the pandemic is not going to end soon, she decided to take a year gap & do something for Kota City. Although having no prior experience in social work, she was confident that she can definitely do something good which helps people during these devastating times. She asked her school friends to help her and many came forward.

They named their group & endeavour “One Organization” – One for All, All for one. Although it’s not a registered organization yet, Ananya has plans to register it in future.

On asking what is the main goal / vision of One Organization, here’s what Ananya said…

“We haven’t restricted ourselves to any particular group/community. From police officers to mistreated animals, we treat everyone as a part of our group and work for their betterment. In future, our plans are as such to collaborate with every NGO, old age home and orphanage in the city.”

Their team plans for initiatives during the week and goes out on Sundays to execute it. Some of their recent initiatives include – Distributing Buttermilk packets to traffic police to keep them hydrated & energized in the scorching heat; Creating employment opportunities for women during Lockdown; Distributing cloth masks to the needy ones, etc.

Youngsters of Kota doing social work

These young minds have real passion & good intentions to help people in the city who are struggling because of the pandemic. The team includes Ananya, Samyak, Ark Jain, Tanishka, Jyotirmay, Harshit Sharma, Divya Maheshwari & Shivansh.

We urge you to support their endeavor by donating a small amount to them so that they can carry it forward & bring more positive change in the society. To get in touch with them, follow their initiative on Instagram, click here

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