Midway Seeker concludes 7 Day Yoga Workshop on International Yoga Day

Yoga Session at Midway Seeker Ashram

The 7 Day Yoga Workshop at Midway Seeker Ashram in Kota turned out to be a spiritually enriching experience for the attendees.

The workshop was aimed at teaching Yoga Asanas & Pranayama techniques to the participants which can ultimately enhance their immunity. Immunity revival was the core goal of this program as we know that in present times our immunity is our greatest weapon.

Participant performing Yoga Asana
Participant performing Yoga Asana

Imagine yourself in a serene environment, lush green lawn, beautiful morning, fresh air and lovely faces. That’s what everyone experienced during this 7 day workshop.

The sessions usually started at 6 in the morning with a Patanjali prayer, followed by a special sequence of Asanas that focused on strengthening the immune system. Around 8:30, the sessions used to end and everyone used to enjoy some delicious Satvik breakfast which also provided time for participants to get to know each other better.

Satvik Breakfast served during the Workshop

The sessions were taken by experienced Yoga trainers of Midway Seeker who are personally mentored by Acharya Advait Ji.

The workshop concluded on 21st June at 9 AM  with celebrations.

About Midway Seeker

Midway Seeker is a Yoga Learning & Therapy Centre located in Kunadi, Kota, Rajasthan. Here one experiences the sacred geometry of Yoga & Meditation in a traditional ashram setting. The blissful Ashram away from the hustle of the city, provides an escape for healing & learning for everyone who is interested in Yoga & Meditation.The Yoga Therapy centre inside Midway Seeker is equipped with all the tools required for treating people with chronic disorders of circulatory, immune, hormonal, nervous system, etc.   

About Acharya Advait Yoga Bhushan JI

Acharya Advait Yoga Bhushan is a traditional yet modern Yogi. Beside holding a Master’s degree in English Literature, he has 700 hrs Yoga teacher training experience and has been a consistent Yoga practitioner for 7 years now. He is an expert in healing the human body with the help of asanas and its sequences. Besides Yoga, he is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach as well. Having such multitudes of knowledge, the wisdom to impart that knowledge is what makes Acharya Advait a singular entity in the yogic world. 

How to know more future programs at Midway Seeker

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Photo Credits: Mayank Sharma

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