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Revisiting lockdown through a fictional story – Dhiraj Tak publishes his debut novel.

Our worlds turned upside down when the Covid19 was declared as pandemic & like many countries, India also announced nationwide lockdown. All of us walked into the unknown together, not knowing where we’ll eventually end up. Past  few months, we have seen dramatic things happening in our lives. From sympathizing to migrants’s situation to getting used to the new normal, Lockdown changed our lives in multiple ways.

Dhiraj’s Lockdown 5.0 is a gripping tale of Raj & Sanchi, two fictional characters who run into a series of unexpected events during the Lockdown & how they navigate through them. Dhiraj has tried to reflect on the dramatic occurrences in the society due to lockdown through the story of Raj & Sanchi.

People of Kota will relate more to it as the novel features many incidents which happened in Kota, like coaching students going back to their hometowns. Dhiraj also touched on many debatable subjects like Online Education, Slowdown of Economy, Healthcare services, etc, in a sensitive yet thought provoking manner.

On asking why he chose this subject, the author said,

“The Lockdown is an extraordinary thing that happened to us. Its impact was felt by everyone, by all age groups & all sections of the society. I felt that someone should document these series of events for our children and future generations to get a glimpse of what we have experienced. And that’s why I decided to write this novel.”

The cover of the novel is a beautiful design by Gunjan Sharma, a student of Polytechnic College, Kota.

About the Author

Dhiraj Tak is faculty at one of the most premier institutes in Kota, Rajasthan. He is also president of Kota Cycling Community and is a firm believer in bringing positive change in society through one’s action. He is an optimist who writes with an intent to inspire & encourage others.

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