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Explore Kota Project – Heritage, Architecture, Wildlife & Tourist Spots

From alluring views of the Chambal valley to some lost-in-time streets of Rampura, there’re so much to explore in & around Kota.
That’s why we initiated the project Explore Kota to discover some less known places of Kota and share those forgotten vicinities with everyone.
Kota city and the nearby areas are full of places offering the mesmerizing view that you just can’t get enough of.  We did capture those astonishing faces of Kota concealed under layers of time.

“If I would ask you come and meet me at KST, none of you will ask me the way to reach there. In fact, it’s a landmark in the city.

But how many of you know where the Samadh is? Only a few.”

The project would be incomplete without the mention of “Shivaksh Sharma” man behind many of the extraordinary captures you’ll see under the series on our upcoming blogs.
About Shivaksh; He is a young photographer from Kota whose main areas of interests are Wildlife Photography & Exploring Places. He is pursuing his passion for photography from past 5 years.
Some of the worth visiting places we covered are:

Abheda Mahal:

Abheda Mahal
Credits: Pawan Chittora

It is a beautiful lake facing palace with hundreds of lotus in it. There’s another lake inside the palace where you can paddle boat. Situated at some distance from the city is a good weekend getaway for a picnic with your family and friends.

Adharshila Dargah:

Also called the dargah of Amir Kabir, situated at the bank of river Chambal have a large rock suspended from it into the river. A view worth having a sight of. – read more here


It is a small town situated near Kota, it offers a wonderful set of view including the Dam, Bird watching and greenery of the place. – read more

Baroli Temples:

Baroli Temple
Credits: Zishan Pathan

Situated at a distance of around 50 km from Kota city. Beautiful set of temples situated in Baroli village of Rawatbhata town, dating back to 10th century.

Ganesh Udhyan:

Ganesh Udhayn
It’s a not so old park constructed near Khade Ganesh Ji Temple. Some attractions of the place are fun rides and a wide variety of beautiful flowers & plants.- read more

Garadia Mahadev:

Credits: Zishan Pathan

It’s a temple situated in Chambal valley, also a point where Chambal River takes a U-turn. No matter what season you choose to visit the place, you’ll never be disappointed with the look.

Godavari Dham:

Godavri Dham
Hindu Temple of Lord Hanuman on the bank of river Chambal, adjacent to adhar shila. Every Tuesday it witnesses a large number of devotees.


Gangron Fort
Situated at a distance of 90 km from Kota, is a hub for a lot of tourist attractions. One of the major ones is Gangron fort.


Famous for the temple of lord Keshav Rai Ji Maharaj, holds a complete historic era in itself. Situated at around 17 km from Kota, but the boat ride and architecture of the temple worth it all.

Kshar bagh:

kshar Bagh
Situated alongside CV garden, it’s another world entirely. Entry to the place might have been restricted now. The place exhibits beautifully constructed mausoleum of preceding rulers of Kota city.


Credits: Kamal Kishore Pathik

At a distance of almost 90 km from Kota city, famous for the Shiv Temple and its beautiful waterfall. Surrounded by forests, and phenomenal natural view.


It’s a national park near Sawai Madhopur district, 3-hour journey by Kota Mega Highway. It’s a home to a number of tigers, containing a large variety of flora and fauna making it a point of attraction for wildlife tourists from across India.


Peaceful gardens in between some of the busiest streets of Rampura, situated at the bank of River Chambal. Samadhs; Choti Samadh and Badi Samadh are tributes to warfighters of Kota.

Shivpuri Dham:

Shivpuri dham
Credits: Rohit Mina

Situated in Thekra, amidst a lot of greenery. The temple is home to 1008 shiv lingams, arranged in an appealing fashion.

Streets of Kota:

These are not the usual streets we’re talking about but the ones that we prefer not to visit. These are small, congested, serving some of the best delicacies you’ve ever taste – The old Kota streets!
That was the brief about the places we covered during the Explore Kota Project.
Soon we’ll be sharing more about the individual places in a series of our upcoming blogs. You can get email updates on our blogs, by subscribing to our newsletter – SUBSCRIBE
You are an explorer and want to share your photos or videos of different places around Kota, you can do so by using #explorekota & we’ll feature them.

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