Bundi Utsav – Events, Main Attractions, How to reach & more!

When you see the light, dust, colors and street life you know you are standing in the town that is artistically inspiring, the town that is beautifully hypnotizing. You know that you are standing in “Bundi”.

Bundi is a magnificent town located around 36 kilometers from Kota. The town is known for its rich cultural and traditional beauty. From the ancient historical sites to the modest streets of present, the spirit of liveliness permeates the town.

Every year the town of Bundi comes alive in November with an amazing mix of an artistic and cultural festival called the “Bundi Utsav”.

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About Bundi Utsav
Main Attractions

About Bundi Utsav

The 2 /3 day festival falls in the Kartik month of Hindu calendar and rekindles the cultural charm of the small city. The festival Sparks new liveliness and enthusiasm throughout the stretches of Bundi. 

The festival celebrates the rich cultural legacy of the town through various events & programs.

Main attractions

Besides music, dance, and sightseeing, there are so many things which attracts tourists from everywhere to experience the festivities of Bundi Utsav.

Shobha Yatra

Bundi Festivals begin with a captivating Shobha Yatra, people pour from their homes to join the procession ceremony or Shobha Yatra. The entire Bundi glorifies with music, culture, rhythm and folk joy in this beautiful ritual. You can see tourists and foreigners blending so perfectly with the locals and enjoying the celebration.

Cultural Evenings  

Cultural Evenings in Bundi Utsav takes place at 84 Pillared Cenotaph everyday in the 3 Day Festival. After different rituals, programs and competitions throughout the day, everyone comes together to this glorious site to enjoy the awe-inspiring performances.

Here you’ll witness the performers putting their heart and soul to enthrall the audience with the charm and grace of folk music and dance forms.

Deep Daan ceremony

This is one of the most beautiful sites of the festival. 

During the evening, One can see numerous illuminated diyas floating on the banks of Chambal giving a delightful view to the eyes.

The men light these diyas for the women who then bring them to the river and make them float in water to worship and seek blessings.

Sports and Traditional competitions

A variety of sports activities like kabbadi, camel race, horse race, panihari race etc. are organised as part of the festival. The enthusiasm with which people take part in these activities is remarkable!

Other than these various traditional competitions like turban tying and mustache competition also steal the attention of tourists.

Man Manuhar

Generally, taking place on the 2nd Day of the Festival – Maan Manuhar is where tourists experience the delicious Rajasthani Lunch served in traditional style at Sukhmahal.

Delectable Dishes from Rajasthani Cuisine makes everyone drool instantly.


Every evening, after preceding by the day’s events there is a show of vibrant and colorful firecrackers in the night sky.

Handicraft Mela

Most households prepare and display a wide variety of traditional handicrafts. Designed with utmost perfection and grace, these handicrafts are another eye catching sites of the fest.

Apart from the handicrafts, drawing exhibition is also set up by the localites, flaunting the various traditional painting styles.

Bundi Utsav 2021 Schedule

Bundi Utsav is an occasion to celebrate and take pride in our culture, rituals and traditions. It is one of a kind of events around Kota as well as in Rajasthan which one must visit at least once in their lifetime. 

Are you ready to be a part of Bundi Utsav this year?

Photo Credits: Zishan Pathan

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