The Spooky Side of Kota’s Brijraj Bhawan Palace

Did you know that our very city Kota, also has a spirit wandering in its age-old eminent legacy of Brijraj Bhawan Palace for decades?

Well, a majority of the historical sites and palaces in the world are said to be haunted in some or the other way and Rajasthan is no exception to this.

Known for its royal heritage, the state has some of the most haunted places in India, like the Bhangarh fort which is also listed amongst the spookiest places in Asia. 


Brijraj Bhawan Palace has always served as a luxury residence for the local aristocrats and bureaucrats of all times. 

During colonial rule, a number of  British officials resided here and enjoyed the grand luxuries of the palace. One such official was Major Charles Burton. 

In the year 1857, Burton and his men, along with his children were killed in an attack carried by the Indian sepoys at his residence – The Brijraj Bhawan.

Years later, the property was taken into account by the Maharaja of Kota and in the 70s, much like other royal palaces, Brijraj Bhawan was also turned into a heritage hotel by the government.

Since then, it is believed that  Charles Burton’s spirit wades through the palace every night. 

Ghostly Encounters

There have been no serious horrifying experiences as such but Major Charles Burton’s spirit seems to be very vigilant and strict when it comes to the safety of the palace. 

A number of guards performing their duties have reported of a voice commanding them to patrol properly and has even scolded or slapped them if found drunk or careless.

Other than this, some people claim to have heard spooky noises in the palace. Visitors have also complained of feeling uneasy in some parts of the palace. 

In 1989, the then Maharani of Kota,  said in an interview to have witnessed the ghost of Sir Charles Burton in her library. She said that the ghost wanders through the palace quite unharmingly. SOURCE – TOI

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