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Abheda Mahal – A peaceful getaway from Kota

Bored of being at home? So badly want to visit a new place near Kota?

Kota City is blessed with many beautiful getaways; one among them is the mesmerizing Abheda Mahal. 

Whether you’re fond of history & heritage or you just want to experience a new place which promises blissful surroundings, Abheda Mahal should be on your list. 


Abheda Mahal is a wonderful heritage site which consists of many small gardens, a museum, and walls depicting the famous Kota paintings. The artificial pond alongside adds charm & bliss to this place.

Abheda Mahal is located about 8 Kms from the main city. On a long drive to this place, one experiences adorable scenery & views.


There are many fascinating stories about this palace. 

It is believed that during the rule of Maharaja Ummed Singh II, the pond of Abheda Mahal was used to be home of many crocodiles. These crocodiles were used to be pets & they were given names too!

Main Attractions 

Migrant Birds

From August to March, many migrant birds visit this place. If you’re interested in bird watching or taking their photographs, this would be an idle place for it.


There are many small exquisite gardens in the open area outside the palace, it just makes one happy to walk in between them through the walkways. 

An ancient well

In ancient times, wells were used to get the groundwater, and there is one such well in the palace.

The Queen’s Palace 

The Queen’s palace is open for visitors and it consists of many rooms. The walls on the inside have beautiful paintings on them.


The outside of the palace is colored yellow, which gives an aesthetic view when it’s reflection falls in the pond water. The best way to explore the pond away from the land is a boat. You will find people enjoying the view of the palace from afar while boating in the pond. 


There is a museum inside the old palace. It is an exceptional museum with a lot of things from ancient times. There are frescoes, miniature paintings, marvelous sculptures. The armory and artistic instruments used by rulers can also be seen there. After seeing these things one can get a glimpse of the history of the location. 

How to Reach

There are many different routes to reach Abheda Mahal. If you’re driving there by car / bike, the best route is via Nanta Road & Kunadi. It takes approximately 15-20 mins from Nayapura. 


Abheda Mahal is open from 10 AM to 5 PM

Entry Fee





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