Kshar Bagh: An ancestral heritage of Kotah

Kshar Bagh Kota is a beautiful heritage which consists of many majestic cenotaphs (Chattris) of former rulers of Kotah state.

Kshar Bagh ( क्षार बाग ) is a hindi word which literally means a garden where the cremation or funeral is solemnised after the death of the Hindu rulers of the princely states in India.

There are in total 17 cenotaphs present inside Kshar Bagh.

Entry to this Kshar Bagh is now restricted and you can’t visit it without prior permission from authorities.

Don’t be disappointed, at the end of this article, we’ll tell you a less-known place from where you can enjoy beautiful view of this place

Artistic Cenotaphs of Kshar Bagh

The artistic cenotaphs ( or chattris ) at Kshar Bagh Kota are a prime example of Rajputana architecture. 

Cenotaphs were an integral part of architecture & heritage of Rajasthan and similar cenotaphs can be found in other parts of Rajasthan.

In many cases, similar to Kshar Bagh, cenotaphs do not contain mortal remains of a ruler or person, but they are built as a tribute to their greatness. 

To read more about Cenotaphs, visit Wikipedia Page about Chattris

Kshar Bagh: A Heritage Site

Kshar Bagh is one of the main heritage sites of Kota which gives us a glimpse of a different era. The cenotaphs in Kshar Bagh are a tribute to the once rulers of Kota.

Many cenotaphs have Shivling built on them which shows the devotion of the once ruled royal families towards lord Shiva. 

Kshar Bagh in Bollywood

Some scenes of Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt starrer Badrinath Ki Dulhainya produced by Dharma Productions were also shot at this place. Since then, the curiosity & popularity of Kshar Bagh has increased manifold times.

Where is Kshar Bagh located ?

Kshar Bagh is situated near the Chatra Vilas Garden and Kishore Sagar Lake.

Beautiful Views of Kshar Bagh from Lucky Burj

Since Kshar Bagh is not open to the public, we found an interesting spot from where you can experience the beauty of this place.

Lucky Burj is one of the many Burjs situated in the Kota City. Lucky Burj is one of the most popular & nearest to Kishore Sagar Talav. From the top of Lucky Burj, one can experience the beautiful view of Cenotaphs present in Kshar Bagh.

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Photo Credits: Shivaksh Sharma

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