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Kota Suicides: A stark reality of dreams & an undeniable truth

Just a few days ago on 19th January, a NEET aspirant attempted self-immolation due to study pressure. Though he survived, he had 60% burn injuries over upper portion of this body & face.

It seems Kota can’t escape the spotlight..

On December 12th, 3 students by committed suicide on a single day. Only few weeks later, a 17-year-old coaching student ended his life by hanging himself from the ceiling fan in his hostel room in the Indira Vihar.

The suicides of students in Kota paint a bleak picture of broken dreams and an unshakeable reality of the pursuit of pressure-driven success.

There have been at least 121 suicides among students in Kota since 2011 which reached a peak of 15 in 2022.

Unfortunately, this alarming trend of student suicide shows no signs of abating, as the numbers remain stubbornly high.

Will the government make a bold statement on the matter?

Following these incidents, the Rajasthan government is likely to introduce a bill to regulate private educational institutions – from schools to universities to test preparation specialists – and to ease the academic load on students, particularly those who are enrolled in private coaching centres or online tutorials.

To gain a better understanding of why people take their own lives, it is essential to explore the root causes of suicide.

In an effort to ensure that the safety and security of the students is maintained, the Rajasthan Rajya Manavdhikar Aayog Jaipur has requested that the Collector and Superintendent of Police submit a comprehensive report on the causes of these deaths.

The report requires an analysis of the following:

  • Is the admission count for each coaching centre decided?
  • Does the coaching centre discriminate against students regarding their studies?
  • Are students responsible for their own accommodations or does the coaching centre offer any assistance?
  • Fees regarding details to be provided.
  • Are there any guidelines related to fees issued by the state government or the educational department?

Ask us what’s next?

As long as we are willing to face the ground realities of those who suffer and the little stories that come along with it, we can always stand against any oppression and exploitation.

With this bill, the state government hopes to reduce suicides in the city and create a more supportive and stress-free environment for students.

This bill hopes to bring to light the true meaning of education in Kota: that education should be a source of joy and enlightenment rather than a source of stress and fear, and that education should be seen as an opportunity for growth and development rather than competition.

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