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Is the long-awaited dream of Kota Airport finally becoming a reality?

After years of anticipation, the citizens of Kota may soon see the fruition of their ambitions as the dream of Kota Airport appears to be within sight.

Forest Land Diversion, which was seeming to be a major obstacle for Kota Airport, was cleared in the last meeting headed by the Forest & Environment Minister, Dr. Bhupendra Yadav.

The Ministry of Forest, Environment & Climate Change approved the diversion of forest land at its last meeting. Additionally, the National Wildlife Board approved the construction of Kota Airport in Shambhupura. 

These approval processes have been expedited in part by Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla. 

Considering how close Kota Airport is to becoming a reality, we can say that it has been a long time coming.

The journey so far

Kota is the third largest city in Rajasthan in terms of population and has a significant economic impact on the state. Kota has also been referred to as the educational capital of India. However, it does not have an airport.

The question of ‘Why Kota doesn’t have an airport’ is asked so many times that now Google has added it to its frequently asked questions list.

For almost two decades now, the people of Kota have been demanding an airport in the city.

In 2017, attempts were made to establish domestic flights from Kota to Jaipur during the tenure of Vasundhra Raje. The continuity, however, did not last for more than seven months.

It was in April 2018 that the Airports Authority of India (AAI) directed the Airport Authority of Kota (AAK) to cease operations due to the inability to obtain mandatory clearance from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the Airports Authority of India. This resulted in an immediate shutdown of the airport, leaving passengers and staff stranded, and the local economy significantly impacted.

Earlier, 120.80 crores have been offered for airport construction and related work on land of 1250 acres. 45 crores will fall in the hands of Kota Nagar Vikas Nyas and 75.80 crores in the hands of the State.

What is a Greenfield Airport?

A Greenfield airport is an airport that is built from scratch on previously undeveloped land.

Greenfields are constructed in a manner that is considerate of the environment, and with renewable energy sources in mind for most of their operations.

Kota’s Greenfield will be constructed in Shambhupura, a village near Kota across an area of 1250 acres.

Kota needs an airport in operation by 2025!

Let’s hope it is functional before 2026 Olympics.

This is like an athlete preparing for a race – you need to start training now in order to complete the race on time. The same holds true for Kota’s Greenfield Airport – construction needs to start now in order for it to be operational in 2025.

A lot of infrastructure development has happened in Kota over the past few years.

The show Kota Factory has made Kota a household name, not just in India, but across the world.

The largest coaching institute in Kota, Allen Career Institute has recently got an investment of 4500 crore from Bodhi Tree Systems for expansion in the digital space.

Chambal Riverfront, the dream project of Shanti Dhariwal will be completed by next year and it is bound to attract tourists from all over India. Unacademy, an Ed-tech company established an offline classroom in Kota and many more such companies await their arrival.

Ray of Hope!

The locals in Kota who have been waiting for this moment must be jumping for joy!

While we read this, the much-awaited news has finally made it to the headlines.

On Tuesday, 17 January, along with the forest land diversion, the National Wildlife Board approved the project, and an NOC has been received for the same.

Whether it’s the construction of all-new structures or work finishing up on existing projects, there’s lots to look forward to if you’re passing through Kota over the coming months.

Construction of the airport is expected to begin in February or March 2023.

It’s like a ray of sunshine breaking through storm clouds – after years of being asked the same question, the government has given us a glimmer of hope and an answer that we all can look forward to.

In addition to the tangible benefits it brings, Kota Airport Construction stands as a beacon of hope and prosperity for generations to come.

5 replies on “Is the long-awaited dream of Kota Airport finally becoming a reality?”

Very well written Aarav…..looks reading my mind and penning on paper.
People of Kota are energetic…and this time the City needs them the most.Every person…who’s connected with this City…should support this initiative…else Kota’ll be lift behind…and wouldn’t recover even in 100 years to come.

Hello Aarav,
It’s quite long time that we are demanding airport in Kota so now we need to act on the issue.
I suggest you to start a petition on as your blog has large fan base in Kota & you can use the Facebook page of your blog. It will help in creating more awareness.
We need to bring this issue in front of every citizen, also we can create awareness using the Humrah event, organized every Sunday at Kishore Sagar Talab and full coverage including pictures can be posted everywhere.

Dear sir I dont know about the airport, but I do know about the worst roads of country as well people leaving their cows and other animals on road, having no airport may or may not have killed anyone, but animals and roads are doing their part. Especially after rains it felt like meteor shower over the city

Kota airport is owned by the VIPs .They never allowed and don’t want that public should use it. The Ajmer kishangarh airport becomes very late but public is using it and working very fine. Will they change their attitude and let public use it till new Airport functional in 2033?

What the minister and speaker has quoted multiple times is pretty vague ! Om Birla during his last member of parliament election said and I quote “I will not fight election if airport is not built “ he later fought election and became Lok Sabha speaker of india . Whenever elections come close they raise hope in general public and innocent people buy it “ forest clearance is not given yet to the land allocated by the state government “ Airport authority have done multiple survey since 2018 but nothing concrete have emerged since then . We are in the month of July in the year 2022 and let me Assure you as elections come close in 2023 December you will read rajasthan patrika giving false hope to the local population that boundary wall has started and will be built soon ! I have done quite extensive research on this and spoken to Airport authorities of india in New Delhi , and they say we don’t see airport in kota till 2030 . I am a local citizen of kota and I can vouch for it . It’s been over 10 years already local politician raise hope and aspiration and they will continue to do so in the near future .

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