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Kota Hanging Bridge – City’s architectural wonder is finally ready.

Project sanctioned in 2006;
Began in 2007;
Was scheduled to be completed by 2012;
It’s ready now ! To be inaugurated  in May, 2017.

Yes, the most awaited architectural project of Kota reaches its completed. On 26 January, the remaining 13 feet gap on the bridge has been finally joined.

Photograph by Praveen
And now it’s looking breathtakingly astonishing, isn’t it ?

The whole city enjoyed a moment of relief and satisfaction when we heard the news. “Finally”, we all whispered.
Kota Bypass Bridge or famously known as Kota Hanging Bridge is a cable stayed bridge constructed 60 meters above the river Chambal on the Kota Bypass. With an amount of 213.59 crore INR investment, the Kota Chambal Bypass Bridge is all set to provide access to general public & transportation from 31st May, 2017.

Journey of Kota Hanging Bridge included lot of hanging !

Its construction first started in the year 2007. It was supposed to be completed by 2012 then. But the construction got delayed because of an accident that took place on 24th December, 2009. The front portion of the bridge at one side broke down and around 48 people including workers and engineers lost their lives.

A word about it’s gorgeous architecture 

Loved by the shutterbugs for a perfect perspective, Hanging bridge is a beautiful piece of architecture. It is 1.5 km in length, 30 meters wide with a height of 125 meters.

It is a cable stayed bridge with single plain suspension; main span being of 350 meters and laterals of 175 meters on either side of the bridge. It is around 60 meters high from the surface level of Chambal River.
This beautiful bridge is a collective work of Hyundai Engineering Private Limited of South Korea & Gammon India. It is sponsored by National Highways Authority Of India (NHAI).

When can we drive over it ?

A final touch up is a must! And that’s why even after being completed in January, the bridge will be ready for vehicles to drive over it from May. The final touch will include-
  • Covering of concrete case barrier and deck with a layer of Bitumen (डामर) in February.
  • Fixing of noise barriers on both the sides of the bridge in order to prevent the noise of vehicles from reaching Chambal Ghadiyal Sanctuary in March.
  • Final adjustment of lighting and cable in April.
  • Load testing and approval of report in May.
  • Inauguration on 31st May.

How Kota will be benefited

  1. Presently the vehicles going from Jaipur to Baran have to take the route of Badgaon to Chambal Bridge and then passing from Antaghar Choraha. But now, all the vehicles  will be passing from Hanging Bridge.
  2. If you are travelling from Rawatbhata to Jhalawar Road, you will be saved from travelling extra 16kms after the start of Hanging Bridge.
  3. The traffic of Jaipur-Jabalpur Highway presently passes from inside the city, but now the traffic will pass from Hanging Bridge & no heavy vehicles will be entering the city premises.
  4. Kota Hanging Bridge, a piece of architectural beauty, will also be a tourism spot. It will be an attraction for many tourists who will come to witness its architecture, greenary of Ghadiyal Sanctuary & enjoy boating in Chambal River.
  5. For Camera lovers, Hanging bridge will prove to be a good subject for polishing their photography skills.
  6. The bypass facility that this bridge would be providing will help in making our Kota City road accident free.


Did you know?

  • Kota Hanging Bridge will provide its first ever bypass facility to Kota City.
  • This Hanging Bridge is a resemblance of MILLAU VIADUCT BRIDGE in France.
  • Every year maximum 125 deaths take place due to accidents in our city and approximately 50 of them take place because of heavy vehicles. Hanging Bridge will surely help in reducing the amount of road accidents.

Now we can proudly say that our Kota has its very own sea link!
It is amazing to see growth and development taking place in our city at a rapid speed. Let all of us join hands to contribute our bit in this growth by keeping our city clean and preserving our heritage. After all, the roots must stay strong!
We’ll posting some amazing pictures of this amazing architectural wonder on our Insta, follow us there and enjoy beautiful photographs !
Featured Image Credits : Pawan

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