TVF has dropped the teaser of “Kota Factory” and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

The Viral Fever उर्फ़ TVF has been hitting on our nerves with a hammer of comedy and contemporary every now and then.
It’s back with a show about the Education City: Kota. Kota Factory captures the life of IIT and Medical exam aspirants as they face both: Competition and Life. 

December is ending, so is our wait to our City on YouTube’s Big Red Page. Here is the Teaser, watch for yourself.

It’s a game with a timer ticking constantly.  It’s “The Game of Seats” in IIT and Top Medical Colleges as the students roast under the hot summer heat and freeze under the cold winter waves.

Some of the residents of Kota have lived the experience themselves whereas some are still going through the drill.  And lakhs of students weave in every year with a hope to brighten their future.
We constantly see the struggle as our younger sibling or the neighbourhood kid rushes to their ‘Study Mecca’. But, will it be different to watch the reality on media, and that too with a mix of what the outsiders might have missed. 

Are you excited to watch the show? Comment down below, your views and don’t forget to share with it your family and friends.
And stay tuned to know when “Kota Factory” hits YouTube. 

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