The Incredible Chandrabhaga Fair

Hadoti is one of Rajasthan’s travel secrets.  The ancient cities and antique temples are wonderful and one gets to explore age-old rituals and aspects of the local traditions very closely.

Each corner of Hadoti has a beautiful story! One such incredible story is about The Chandrabhaga Fair.

Chandra Bagha Fair of Jhalawar

Grab your reading glasses and experience the true flavours of this mystical fair with us through some mesmerising photographs.

Hadoti Culture, Chandrabagha Fair

The annual fair is organised at the banks of river Chandrabhaga at Chandravati in Jhalrapatan, 6 km from Jhalawar. Jhalawar is connected with Kota through railway and bus transportation via NH12.

The fair is organised at Kartik Purnima (Full moon day) according to the Hindu calendar that usually falls in October or November.

Jhalrapatan is especially famous for its large number of temples.The most famous of them is the temple of Sitalesvara Mahadeva. This temple is situated on the banks of river Chandrabhaga.

The city is also referred to as the ‘City of Bells‘. It not being a big city, you can mostly travel to places on foot or by an auto rickshaw. On the entrance of the city, there is a bus stand and the fair is organised at the other corner of the city at the Mela Ground.

Chandrabhaga Fair is a cattle fair just like Pushkar fair but not that touristy.

But the fair gives a fair opportunity to photographers to perfectly capture the vibrant lives of the locals and be a part of their history and a wonderful way for tourists and for people who are looking for an offbeat adventure to appreciate & relish.

Jhalrapatan bustles with life during the annual cattle fair.

A big cattle fair which blends religion with commerce is held here. Multiple cultural and musical activities are also organised to enthral the viewers and folk art enhances the festive spirit.

This year Chandrabhaga Fair was celebrated beautifully. Deepdan, Shobha Yatra and various competitions form the most attractive part of this 3-day affair.

The first evening a beautiful Shobhayatra was organised that started from Mela Ground ended at Chandrabhaga Temples (1-1.5km).

Folk performers such as impersonators, puppeteers and acrobats added to the vibrancy of the occasion. The Shobhayatra was marked with typical Rajasthani colour, joyous music and lilting rhythms and great festivities

Then the night was enlightened with flickering Diyas during the Deepdan, which is considered auspicious in the month of Kartik accompanied by amazing fireworks.

The second day is a very important day of the Fair, approximately 30-40k people come to take a dip in the Chandrabhaga River.

A dip in the Chandra Bhaga River at the auspicious hour is considered to be of great religious significance.

This holy dip is known as “Chandravati” by the common people. Pilgrims start gathering the river around midnight for the holy dip.

Folk artist during Cultural Programs in Chandrabagha Fair Jhalwar

The cultural evening of dance and music attracts performing artists from all over India in a magnificent tribute to this marvellous heritage.

The splendid Chandrabhaga Temples with their sculptural extravaganza make the perfect venue for this cultural celebration.  

Overall, Chandrabagha Fair was a memorable affair. With Pushkar Fair getting all the hype with each passing year, Chandrabagha promises a unique adventure and a genuine chance to explore the true traditions of Rajasthan.

We recommend you to visit Chandrabagha Fair next year and experience the marvel yourself.  Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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