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Festivity in the Garh on the occasion of Maharao Saheb’s birthday

On 29th January, Kotah Garh rejoiced in a festive spirit as it celebrated the auspicious birth anniversary of Shri Maharao Saheb Kota, Ijyaraj Singh.

An array of religious and traditional events were held in celebration of Maharao Ijyaraj Singh’s first birth anniversary since being anointed last year.

All attendees were attired in formal attire, and the dress code was white bandhgala with a Kotah Paag for headgear. It is interesting to note that, in many other regions, the safa has replaced the paag as the only type of headgear worn; however, in Kotah, the paag continues to be tied in the unique Kotah fashion.

Shri Maharao Saheb performed Shri Markandeya Puja in the temple of Shri Brijnathji Ji Maharaj in Garh at the beginning of the festival.

After the darshan of Shri Brijnath Ji Maharaj, Shri Maharao Saheb was given tuladan according to the scriptures, and 11 Brahmins performed swasti vachan with Vedic mantras. Shri Maharao Saheb then then did darshan of, and gave offerings to the historic shrines in the Garh complex.

In honour of the auspicious anniversary, Shri Maharao Saheb attended the DARI KHAANA at Bhim Mahal where Jagirdaars of the erstwhile Kotah State and other dignitaries were also present who congratulated him and presented him with Nazar.

A pan beeda was also presented to everyone by Shri Maharao Saheb according to tradition.

The celebrations and functions highlight the shared values, strength and unity of the community in Kota – uniting to carry on cultural events that have been performed for centuries at the Garh.

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