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After Bharatpur and Delhi, Kota will now have the third largest Apnaghar Ashram in the country

It is with much pleasure that we share with you the news that Apna Ghar Ashram (Kota), which provides care to the homeless, oppressed, abandoned, elderly, and dying people, was granted more facilities on Sunday.

On the occasion of foundation day, construction works worth more than Rs 45 lakh were inaugurated.

The foundation of Apna Ghar

On 29 June 2000, Dr. B.M.Bhardwaj and Dr. Madhuri Bhardwaj established Maa Madhuri Brij Varis Sewa Sadan, Apna Ghar in village Bajhera, district Bharatpur of Rajasthan (India), only 40 km from the world-famous Taj Mahal Agra.

As part of its commitment to serve the homeless helpless destitute sick people who are facing a very painful phase of their lives, the organisation has established a residential home for the homeless destitute called Apna Ghar Ashram (Residential Home for the Destitute), where all necessities like treatment, food, clothing, and care are provided free of charge to these homeless people.

Over 9500 such types of Prabhuji (inmates) reside and are served in 54 Apna Ghar Ashrams in 11 Indian states and one in Kathmandu, Nepal.

How does Apna Ghar find those in need?

They tend to be found in train stations, bus stops, religious buildings, and other public places in very unhygienic, critically ill, and painful conditions. Neither a helping hand nor even a handshake is extended to them. As a result, their condition worsens and they are generally forced to die from lack of food, medicine, and care.

Most of these people’s information comes from members/volunteers of the organisation, from the general public, from police, from administration, from other NGOs, from the media, etc. There are 24X7 centralised helpline numbers 8599999911 / 22 working at the Bharatpur Ashram (HQ of the Organisation).

What happens once they are admitted to Apna Ghar Ashram?

Following an evaluation of their needs, Prabhuji (Inmates) are assigned to a suitable ward. All of their basic needs are met here, including bedding, medical treatment, food, clothing, personal care, and other necessities until they are fully recovered.

A number of efforts are made during their stay in order to track down the family of Prabhuji. The prabujis participate in different service activities during treatment, depending on their health and mental status. These include cooking, washing, caring for each other, cleaning, office work, medical assistance, general assistance, security, education, etc.

The process at Apna Ghar can be summarised as the 3 ‘R’s i.e. Rescue – Rehabilitation – Reintegration. This is with the intention of not only satisfying their hunger, but also attending to their emotional and psychological needs.

In the following months and years, after they have recovered, the organisation rehabilitates them in a variety of ways. This is in order to ensure their respect and dignity and their acceptance by society as a whole.

Upon finding Prabhu Ji’s family, they are respectfully returned to their family’s custody by completing the necessary legal and documentation formalities.

What facilities have been added to Apna Ghar Ashram in Kota?

Twelve rooms were constructed at a cost of Rs 15 lakh with public support at Apnaghar Ashram, which operates behind a polytechnic college in the city. Each room will have 7 beds. Apart from this, balconies and galleries were installed on the ground floor and balconies on the first floor and railings were installed in the gallery. Two bathrooms were constructed and a large dining hall was built. 

Chairman Narendra Kumar Sengar stated that there are at present 223 Prabhujans living in Apna Ghar out of which 155 women and 68 men. Due to the lack of space for men, they were sent elsewhere.

With the newly constructed facilities, more males will have access to services instead of having to travel to Bharatpur and Delhi. In such a situation, 84 males will get more space. With this construction, Kota will become the third largest Apna Ghar Ashram in the country after Bharatpur and Delhi, where more than 300 prabhujans will be able to live in the coming time. 

In one of the public remarks, IG Prasanna Kumar Khamesara said that Apnaghar Ashram is doing service in the true sense of the word. Due to the fact that all work here is done for the benefit of suffering humanity, the work continues without interruption.

We believe

Apnaghar Ashram passes on the moral necessity to take care of the poor and needy, and to provide them with the help they need to lead a dignified life. It is an example of how service to humanity should be done, as it goes beyond mere words and is actually put into action.

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