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10 Ways To Kill Boredom While You Stay Home

Oh, you’ve been just looking for this – Ways to Kill Boredom while you stay home!

While social distancing has slowed down our lives and given us some quality time to spend with our families, it’s quite a challenge to overcome the  boredom. But just like every time, we have got your back this time as well.

Here are some of our suggestions to Quarantine & Chill

1. Play Card Games Together

For all of us, card games are an emotion. They have been an inevitable part of our childhood summer vacations. With everyone at home, it’s time to play some card games together and knock down the boredom. 

2.  Time For Some Journal Entries

Journal writing or dairy writing is indeed a great practice. With covid19 bringing some unprecedented scenarios in the world, it would be a great idea to pen it down and make the incident eternal.

Journal writing also helps to have a clear and relaxed mind and develop a habit of writing in an individual.

3.  It’s Time For Some Self Care!

With our hectic life and packed schedule it’s hard to find any time to take care of our body. Now when you are at home, you can try some DIY masks and scrubs, and other homemade remedies for your skin and hair.

You can also try making some herbal tea and tonics at home to boost up your metabolism.

4. Do Some Yoga Or Any Other Exercise

Can’t go to the gym because of the lockdown? Don’t worry, you can still have a workout session at home. There are a lot of fitness trainers on youtube giving out tips and tricks for the same. Stream them now!

Also, if you were not able to find time for a workout before the lockdown due to office hours or so, we think it’s time to sweat a little.

5. Let’s Cook Some Delicacies

Everyone is home, it’s the best time to try new dishes and bring out the master chef in you. Also, don’t forget to take some secret recipes from your mother which you miss a lot when you are away from her.

6. Millennials! Let’s Binge Watch!

This is the part where millennials  and teenagers would unite. Binge watching has become one of our favorite leisure activities and with lockdown, we look forward to more show and movie recommendations.

Here our some movie recommendations by us if you haven’t watched them already :

  • Chhapak
  • Tanhaji
  • Masaan
  • New York
  • Dil Chahta hai
  • Barfi
  • Karwaan 
  • The Parasite
  • To All the boys I have loved before

7. Let’s Read

Thick books are the most apt weapon to kill boredom during this lockdown.  All the book lovers out there, take a 21-day lockdown reading challenge and devour all the books you ever had eyes on.

Even for those who are not much into reading, it’s a good time to start

8. Explore A New Hobby

We always think, if we get time we’ll do this, we’ll do that. Well now is the time. Lockdown has given us ample time in our hand and one can make it productive picking up an old hobby like writing, painting, dancing, singing,anything which except travelling or which requires some kind of social gathering.

Take out that color pallet and paint the canvas again, take out those tarnishing ghoongroos and let your feet twirl and tap on the beats of classical music, take out that diary from your college days and start scribbling again. 

The lockdown has given us so much time in our hands that it is perfect to pick up an old hobby or explore a new one and meet ourselves closely.

9. Take Up Online Courses

Make the most of your time by taking up online courses of the things you always wanted to learn. There are a number of sites giving up online courses for topics ranging from social media marketing to blogging to painting. Check them out now!

10. Join Our Work From Home Internship

Due to Coronavirus outbreak, most of us are staying at home, let’s start making the best use of this time by learning new skills.

Join our fully work from internship program. Click the link below for details and form

We hope you got some few useful ways to kill boredom while you stay home from this guide.

Keep the suggestions coming! Take care. Stay safe, stay indoor!

Doodles !

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