There’s still time ! Pack your bags and rush to experience the incredible Pushkar Mela

Pushkar Mela ?! Are you still thinking ? Well, you shouldn’t.
Pack your bags, charge your DSLR (I-phone will also do), and board the next train to Ajmer, from where Pushkar is just 15 Kms away. With each passing year, Pushkar Fair is getting bigger, crazier and giving major travel goals to people, especially wanderers and photographers, from around the world.
Do you know that the Pushkar Fair started as a local mela where camel and cattle farmers, herders, traders brought their livestock and other things to be traded.  Yes, no kidding ! And look at the present scenario – It is in the bucket list of every other traveler you meet.
What makes Pushkar Mela so tempting ? What drags people from borders across to the small town in Rajasthan ?
Though the awesome camel safari, hot air baloon ride and delicious Rajasthani Food continues to be some of the major attraction of the festival. But what makes Pushkar mela unmatched is the beauty with which it introduces visitors to a very local and rare facet of Rajasthan and India which they would normally find hard to experience.

Here are some photographs of the ongoing festival which will make you ditch every plan and rush to Pushkar to celebrate life and make memories !


Photographs by @traveller.chris

Photographs by @thereelexplorer




Photography by @ayushdevpura

Photography by @rati0311


Photograph by @indiaculturalhub

Hope you enjoyed the photographs ! Here are few links where you can find relevant information about Pushkar Fair :
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Day 3 has ended. But still you got time, the fair continues till 14th November ! If we have convinced you to go, don’t forget to share your favorite moments at Pushkar Fair with us. You can tag us at @kotacityblog_ on Instagram or mail us at

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